Top 3 Middle Eastern Countries You Must Visit

The Middle-East is a fascinating place where the East meets West to give you the perfect holiday experience. With its vast expanses of deserts, Islamic motifs and a unique culture, this part of the world beckons you to explore it.

There are many countries that comprise the Middle-East, and each of them offer a different experience because of their varying landscape, culture and way of life. Our top three picks for you are:

United Arab Emirates
The UAE is one of the youngest, and yet one of the most advanced countries in this region. Its luxurious lifestyle, coupled with an abundance of natural coastline and desert are sure to give you a truly exhilarating vacation.  

As expected in an Islamic country, there are countless mosques across the UAE, with the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi topping the list of things to do in the UAE. The Gold Souk in Dubai is the place to be for all jewellery-lovers as you can pick up a variety of unique pieces that you may not find anywhere else in the world. For the wild-at-heart, get a taste for nature on one of the countries fun-fuelled adventure desert safaris.

Due to its beautiful combination of both natural and manmade landmarks, there are many flights to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, ensuring you can reach it no matter where you are in the world.  
 1 Petr Melnikov
Source: Petr Melnikov
Bahrain has evolved to become a popular choice among travellers who are looking for the perfect mix of western culture within traditional Arabic settings. It is one of the smallest countries in Middle-East, and yet its capital is a vibrant city that is shaped by traditional Islamic values and the cultures of a large expat population. The many flights to Bahrain are a testimony to the growing preference of Bahrain for travellers.
 2 Ahmad Azaharuddin Omar
For an off-beat travel experience, take the next flight to Amman - the capital of Jordan. Whether you want to swim in the Red Sea, enjoy a coffee in one of the quaint street cafes or or walk through the desert canyons of Wadi Rum, Jordan has it all for you.
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So where are you travelling to next in the Middle-East?


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