5 Tips to Make Friends in A Hostel

Staying in hostels gives you an excellent opportunity to meet other interesting and like-minded people. Sometimes, such casual conversations can even lay the foundation for a lasting friendship. Taking a flight to a new place is all about creating memories and knowing different people.
If you're unsure on how to get started, here are some tips:
Make the right choice
The first step to staying in a hostel is to choose the one that best fits your personality. Some hostels have wild parties all night long, and may not be the place if you are looking for some rest and peace. Hence, read through the hostel description before booking.
 1 Vasiliy Lucky
Source: Vasiliy Lucky
Don't shy away
If you're going to stay in your bunk with a book and headphones, you're never going to meet anyone. Go to the local bar and get yourself a drink. Maybe you can take a book along if you like, but get to social events and places that are filled with people.
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The advantage with staying in a hostel is you always have something to start a conversation. "Cool hostel?" or "Any fun event today?" are some questions that can get a conversation going.
Alternately, look for signs to start a good conversation. For example, if the other person is wearing a T-shirt with a basketball, then there is a good possibility that basketball could be his or her favorite sport. Also, if you see a book, you can ask a little about too. Just start any sensible topic to encourage conversation.
 3 Tsatsralt Erdenebileg
Move on
For some reason, if the other person wants to stay in bunk or just wander alone, respect it. Just look at the body language to see if they are in a mood for conversation at all, and act accordingly. Also, don't feel offended if the other person does not want to start a conversation as it may not have anything to do with you at all.
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Feel confident
Feel good about yourself and wear comfortable clothes. This confidence will be evident in your body language and the way you talk, and these aspects are crowd-pullers. Also, don't be afraid to walk into a big group - more the merrier!
 5 Suhail Mehre
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We hope these tips help you to meet interesting people that turn into a lifelong friendship.


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