Property Brothers’ Jonathan Silver Scott Took This Illusion Too Far

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Most people know Jonathan Silver Scott as one half of “The Property Brothers,” but not as many know he has experience on stage as an award-winning illusionist and magician. But there is one illusion he has created that he has pushed too far-- his relationship with Jacinta Kuznetsov. His integrity is called into question, as there are two versions of his relationship with Jacinta: one that Jonathan pushes to the public, and one that the facts confirm.

In his memoir It Takes Two, Jonathan claims he met Jacinta at charity event in Toronto in September 2015, spoke to her briefly, and then lost track of her before he could get her name or any other information about her. He says then hesearched throughout social mediasites for 48 hours after the event, but he couldn’t find a trace of her.Then he relates that about a month later hesaw her in the background of a photograph posted on Instagramby a friend. He contacted that friend, who identified Jacinta for Jonathan.

Yet,Jacinta walked the red carpet that night; her photograph was taken and posted more than once on websites and social media sites reporting about the event. She was named and/or tagged in the photos she was in.

The most conflicting detail of Jonathan’s story: The gala was September 13, 2015. There is a social media post in Jacinta’s account that was posted September 17, 2015, four days after the event. Jonathan commented ON THAT POST. He didn’t find her identity a month later, as he claims.Jonathan’s comment proves he knewof at least one of her social media accounts, and possibly her name, four days after he supposedly met her for the first time.

The friend who had posted a photo of and later identified Jacinta for Jonathan is George Stroumboulopoulos (Strombo).A check of Strombo’s and The Strombo Show’s Instagram pages shows no photograph with Jacinta in the background from the night of the gala to at least six weeks after that. In fact, she is not in any of the photos in those accounts posted during that time period. While the photo could have been deleted for some reason, it’s also possible the photo never existed.

Also, Jonathan calls Strombo a friend. He has worked with Strombo before, including the night of the charity gala. Jacinta was Strombo’s assistant and producer at the time of the gala. It’s likely that Jonathan had met her, or at least come into contact with her,during his interactions with Strombo.

In another version of how his relationship with Jacinta came to be, in a 2016 Periscope video, Jonathan relates that he met Jacinta at a charity event, and then“kept in touch with her.” This version contradicts his version of events from It Takes Two.

For her part, Jacinta tagged herself one of TWOBIGLESBOS (caps hers) in a friend’s Instagram post.

Why is it necessary for Jonathan to give several different stories of how he met Jacinta? There is so much misinformationin what Jonathan says to the media and to the public about his relationship with her. The facts provide evidence for the actual truth. It seems unlikely that Jonathan Scott’s relationship with Jacinta Kuznetsov is as he says it is. What, if anything, is he hoping to hide?

Investors Swarm the Commodities Market Schwabcore Management

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Why it’s time to invest in soy and other agricultural crops for maximum gains and tax-free returns!

The real estate market may be hitting a cooldown in 2018 for property investors worldwide. With rising prices and income taxes from the capital returns, 2018 has caused property investors to shift their portfolios towards a stronger investment option. Many investors are turning over to the commodities market for their fix in returns and tax-free capital gains.

 Schwabcore Management has been leading the way by guiding property investors entry into the hidden potential of the  commodities market. Agriculture and protein-based foods have been on a strong and steady rise over the last decade. This is especially true for livestock feed and soy on the Asian continent. The demand is high and reaching record peaks for US farmers. Investors only stand to gain from this successful export in the stock exchange. It’s been on such a strong streak that it doesn’t take an expert to jump into today’s commodities market. And that’s exactly what attracts so many property investors right now.

According to  Bloomberg, the world economy is at an all-time high. And when this happens, consumers buy more meat, dairy and egg products. The demand is high and the supply is steady. US and Brazilian farmers have been slated to out-produce other countries in soy exports to China, Indonesia and many other southeastern Asian countries. Agricultural commodities are quickly becoming a strong and stable market for investors, and property investors aren’t intending to miss this opportunity to make up for a cooling housing market.

“There’s much to be gained by differentiating your portfolio into the commodities market. It’s a safer capital investment that’s show promise for short-term gains and long-term returns. US and Brazilian soy and corn are huge producers and an easy way in for new investors looking for future contract commodities.”— Peter Lee, CEO of Schwabcore Management

Taking this lead, Schwabcore has been procuring a number of future commodity contracts for investors. These are standardised agreements that facilitate trading and future exchanges at a specified time and price. This ensures a secure and capital-safe investment on the stock-exchange.

Investments are available now through a Schwabcore investment manager. Schwabcore management works only with capital-safe investments. Basic commodity investments are expected to drive returns from 12% and upwards and are free from capital taxation. This is just another reason property investors are trusting Schwabcore to bring them into the commodities market.

About Schwabcore Management

Schwabcore Management is a well-respected investment house that has provided secure asset investments for over 15 years. Our investments are designed to preserve and grow our client's capital while providing financial security for millions of retirees, sovereign wealth funds, and other institutional and individual investors. Known for our distinctive investment philosophy, our focused approach targets large-scale commodity investment that are secure, tax-free and versatile.

We are different because our investments are tax smart, liquid for investors and companies and simple to begin. Contact the investment team today at or call 0208.133.9825.

Media Contact:

Schwabcore Investment Management

P: 0208.133.9825

Hope for Damaged Art and Collectibles in Mud and Flood

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Saving collectibles, art and family history items damaged in floods and mud.  Click on SHOW MORE

Call Andrew Jacobs, Disaster Response Services Coordinator on his mobile at 812 639 3681 or art conservators Virginia Panizzon and Oriana Montemurro at 805 564 3438

Disaster response companies have procedures and techniques for dealing with the damage caused by water. But heirlooms, collectibles, art and antiques are a special category that requires special considerations and handling. The added problems these types of items have are many:
1. Your are likely more emotional over these items than other types of contents.
2. 2 sometimes art and antiques have such high value that there is a serious amount of liability
3.  The construction and materials of these types of items require specialized knowledge to properly treat.

Fine Art Conservation Laboratories has many many years of experience in working on these types of items. We are offering to be your expert and help you with these types of valuable items. Here are the services that we often provide:
1 evaluations and estimates of damaged items.
2 preparations of reports for the claims adjuster.
3 pick up and redelivery of the items being treated.
4. we will handle all issues with the insurance company

Here is a testimonial from a client in Las Vegas who was told by his disaster response company that they did not handle fine artwork. He was left to find an expert on his own:

Water Damage of artwork - Testimonial:
Our Reputation in the LA Area:
Determining pre-existing conditions:
Testimonial from Appraiser:

Call Andrew Jacobs, Disaster Response Services Coordinator on his mobile at 812 639 3681 or art conservators Virginia Panizzon and Oriana Montemurro at 805 564 3438

Why You Need a Sports Handicapping Service

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Most sports enthusiasts have heard the term sports handicapping before. For all you other fans, the term sports handicapping may be relatively new. In the paragraphs that follow, we will explain all about sports handicapping and also tell you where you can find one of the Internet's top handicappers.

Let’s begin our discussion with what is sport handicapping? In the world of sports, the term handicapping is the technique of offeringan advantage through the compensation of scoring or in other words the advantages provided to the contestants of the game to make sure that every person has an equal chance of winning the game. There can be a huge number of methods to ensure who is gaining the advantage which is calculated and equalized among all participants. In this case, handicapping also refers to the practice of letting the spectators or watchers of the game calculate and predict the end results of a game.

There are many sites on the Internet which are dedicated to the world of sports handicapping. One such site is Blueblood Sports. It is well known in many circles of sports handicapping. I want to first point out that Blueblood Sports does not promote illegal gambling and their site is not a gambling site. Sports handicapping is not in and of itself gambling. Think of it as leveling the playing field with the help of an expert in picking the outcomes of certain sports games. In essence, handicapping gives someone the edge needed to improve their chances of winning.

At sports handicapping websites, players are able to acquire the expert's opinions on the predictions of various sports contests. The cappers are well versed in all areas of their respective sports and their job is to study any and all aspects that could alter the outcome. Once they have carefully examined all pertinent data, they apply their expertise and predict an outcome. The main advantage of utilizing their expertise is that their odds may vary from the bookmaker's odds. This creates an opportunity for the individual players to capitalize and put the odds in their own favor.

 If you are interested in putting this kind of expert opinion to work for you, then you need to enlist the services of a professional sports handicapper. Choosing the right handicapper for your own situation can take a little time and may require some additional homework. Things to consider include pricing, accessibility, experience, and transparency. There are many handicappers out there and spending a little time comparing the various providers is often a worthwhile venture.

Blueblood Sports has been capping sports for nearly twenty years and has a stellar reputation. What I especially like about Blueblood is that there are many informative articles on the site and that can help educate the consumer as well as answer many questions visitors to the site have. Feel free to browse their articles and when you are ready sign up for a subscription plan. Blueblood Sports is the home of sports handicapping.