Wholesale Destinations warns of the online travel duopoly Expedia Inc and Priceline Group

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DALLAS, Texas (August 8, 2017) - Wholesale Destinations Inc.- One of America's top travel wholesalers, headquartered in Tampa Florida shared a frightening warning with  travel consumers Thursday at the International Travel Brokers (ITB) convention in Dallas, Texas. Wholesale Destinations is now regarded by many travel industry executives to be the whistle blower in the travel industry revealing publicly that since 2015 the U.S. Hotel industry has been held hostage by the “duopoly” of ExpediaInc. and Priceline Group Inc.

The US Hotel industry brings in a whopping $200 billion in revenue each year and a staggering 91% of all the travel booked in America is booked through Expedia Inc and Priceline Group. The two online travel super giants monopolies.

Does thismonopoly hurt consumer choicesand impede small businesses?

Well members of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, with members such as Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott sure think so. They have begun to lobby the Federal Trade Commission to step in and help broaden the customer options.

Will the U.S. Hotel Industry will besuccessful at breaking up the duopoly? "That is highly unlikely since Expedia and Priceline retain the top lobby firms and congress have become extremely hotel friendly under the new Trump Administration." States Dean Piccio a travel historian out of Dallas. "With rising vacation costs annually and commissions at an all time high, the growth and Expedia Inc. and Priceline Group Incis truly unstoppable at this point"
Wholesale Destinations states that online retail customers pay more commissions than ever before. Take Expedia Inc as an example,once a small offshoot of Microsoft, quickly became a powerhouse in the travel industry, and now owns multiple brands such as Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotels.com, Hotwire, and Trivago. They appear to be each other's competition with their own aggressive marketing strategies. The truth is that those companies are actually owned by the same conglomerate. The current vision of the company, according to its own website, boasts, “We are aggressive!”, “We will grow and take shares of our competitors!”, and to that they have remained true, only at the cost of consumer’s dollars. Expedia and Priceline Group are both high end retail travel sites. Combined they own hundreds and hundreds of the largest travel sites.

The truth is Expedia’s commission’s range from 20-75%, a figure so high that it makes hoteliers wonder if they are in fact operating a franchise under Expedia’s control and no control of their own. Here is an example; a hotel will offer Expedia ten rooms for reservations. These rooms are not sold to Expedia and there is no income guarantee for the hotel. The rate is set at say $100 and, if sold, the guest will pay Expedia $100 and Expedia will pay the hotel $75. The $25 that Expedia withholds is the commission fee which is used to provide customer service, marketing and seek new business.

The second of the two claimed monopolies of the online travel industry is Priceline Group, Inc. Who is a conglomerate of many well known travel and booking sites. These include priceline.com, booking.com, KAYAK, agoda.com, rentalcars.com, and OpenTable.

Advertising cost Priceline $2.8 Billion dollars last year alone. Yet who do you think covers those costs? You guessed it right. The consumer! Like Expedia, Priceline began business in 1997 with its famous Name your own price line. Beginning in the early 2000’s Priceline began to focus solely on travel and started acquiring leading travel booking sites such as booking.com, agoda.com, and rentalcars.com.

Currently, chain hotel groups have shown an increase in bookings over the last year due to strategic advertising and special deals, such as free stays and membership points. However the chains still find themselves at a disadvantage through the price parity rule which prohibits chain hotels from advertising lower rates on their own sites than those offered through online agencies. Thus advertising through agencies like Priceline and Expedia is a must but a costly necessity. Commission rates have skyrocketed to an estimated 3.5 billion dollars a year. No wonder the chains are seeking to eliminate commission costs by luring travelers to book through their own sites, and seeking to oust the “monopolies”, Expedia and Priceline.

In response to the allegations of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, an Expedia spokeswoman stated that the travel industry is highly competitive and Expedia plays a small role. She also concluded that listing on the company’s site is optional but millions advertise through their site to increase bookings. In return it has only infuriated hotel franchise owners, and has given companies no choice, but to seek out a way to hold onto some of their profits for abilities to cover company costs. With inflation playing a big part, and options left slim due to ill regulations franchises are left to fend for creative ways to stay in business. As long as Expedia and Priceline continue to dominate, there will be charged commissions and advertisement costs, that again the hoteliers and consumers get the displeasure of picking up with their pocketbook.

As the travel industry evolves with technology and advances into the wholesale destination notion, consumers are seeking the advantages of a full package deal accompanied by reduced rates, which holds both the hotel associations and their adversaries accountable to accommodate those options in order to remain part of the industry.

Savvy consumers have sought out alternatives and Wholesale Destinations has become the choice of many as the first wholesale travel agency in America. Wholesale Destinations provides the same exact travel as Expedia and Priceline but has given vacationers and travelers alike, a new way to book vacations and trips of their choice at much lower prices. They charge zero commissions on any travel and make their money like other wholesale clubs such as Costco and Sams Club. Wholesale Destinations profit and operating expenses come as a result of member annual dues. With over 500k members and growing, they seem to be growing a concept that a couple years ago was practically unheard of.

They were named  America’s fastest growing travel agency for the past 2 years by INC 500, TMTC Platinum 500 Club, and was even named the best of the best agency for booking Sandals Resorts for the lowest prices available to the market. Wholesale Destinations fulfillment company was founded in 1992.

Today, Wholesale Destinationshas over 500,000 active dues paying members worldwide and is 100% Debt-free. They boast of zero advertising costs and zero commissions or mark ups to their members and featureinventory from over 150 travel wholesalers providing  travel options to 2000+ cities, in 150 countries and a collection of more than 5000 resorts world-wide! Offering unbeatable pricing with a guarantee so strong that, if a member of Wholesale Destinationsfinds a better deal online that is less than what they offer it for, then they will reimburse its member 110% of the difference. "We believe that beats any other price match guarantee you'll find out there" says Reimo, an executive at Wholesale Destinations. "What SAMs Club and CostCo do for groceries and tires, Wholesale Destinations does for cruises, resort stays, airfare, hotels, and vacation packages."

Wholesale Destinations has been recognized as one of the top travelagencies in America, associated with ARDA, and are members of CLIA and IATAN. Wholesale Destinationsboard of directors have over 225 years of travel management experience. The agency prides itself on passing on travel discounts and quality of vacations and suppliers that no other player in the travel industry can seem to match. Agency also offers unmatched first class, 24/7 365 concierge service. Wholesale Destinations Inc.  has grown to become one of the largest and most profitable travel agencies in North America. Being a member of Wholesale Destinations Inc. as a consumer you open up access to huge savings to booking luxury properties, hotels, air fare, all-inclusive vacations, cruises, car rentals, railways, guided tours, and many more perks that you would not otherwise get by booking through Expedia or Priceline, because it isn’t lucrative for said companies, and would cut into their commission’s and advertisement costs. By giving the ability not only to save big on travel and vacations  Wholesale Destinations Inc. gives access to choices of  2000+ cities, in 105 countries and a collection of more than 5000 resorts world-wide!
To find out more, please visit www.wholesaledestinations.com

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About Us:

Meet America’s fastest growing travel agency for the past 2 years!

Our travel fulfillment center was founded in 1992, Wholesale Destinations is owned and operated in America and it’s board of directors have over 225 years of travel management experience, it has grown to become one of the largest and most profitable travel agencies in North America.
                      Over 500,000 active members worldwide
                      100% Debt-free
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                      Winner of many major awards (see right and below)
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                      Inc 500 Fastest Growing Travel Company
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                      Vacation.com Power of Partnership Award
                      Celebrity Cruises Partner of the Year
                      Viking Cruises Platinum Circle
                      Apple Vacations Platinum Agency
                      TMTC Platinum 500 Club
                      Sandals Resorts Best of the Best
                      Celebrity Cruises Partner of the Year
                      Carnival Cruises Excellence Award
                      and many many more!

Best Cannabis Web Design

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Why buy the best cannabis web design and internet marketing?
With the clock counting down to January, investors flock to California as the state prepares to legalize the recreational sales of cannabis. Cultivation, transportation, dispensary, distribution, and other licenses are going to be available to businesses that are complaint to state and local laws. As of October, license applications will be available. This means that for anyone who is serious about making some legal money, the time to be pulling triggers is now. As warehouse space fills up and equipment is purchased, domains and keywords are being targeted by cannabis internet marketing companies. Branding your company and sticking out from the competition has become more important then ever as the race to state licenses heats up. Will your brand be known? Or will it be lost on the 19th page of Google?

What is the best cannabis web design and internet marketing?
Cannabis Branding:
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2 The Best Marijuana
The Best Marijuana Web Design:
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Cannabis Social-Media Marketing and Management:
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3 Organic Cannabis SEO
Organic Cannabis SEO:
Get the search engine results your company deserves. This is where the big brands make their name and prepare for a nationwide attack. Get the attention of millions with traffic that is unparalleled to any paid campaign. The same results, free. What most people don’t understand is that this doesn’t happen overnight. With the correct PR and back-links, our Organic Cannabis SEO experts can speed up the process. However, for most, this is a long-term project. The best way to get SEO…

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Marijuana Newsletter:
Why create a newsletter? Your company is already blogging right? There is a lot of misunderstanding on why newsletters are sent out. Yes, you can target your customers and get repeat business through specials and coupons, but having a newsletter is a great way to connect to the cannabis community. Let them know of events or landmark court decisions.

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The End Of Jeff Session

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How Could The End Of Jeff Sessions Create A Cannabis Boom?

Sessions Under Fire:
If you pay attention to what is going on with the Trump Administration, we understand if you don’t, you probably know about all the tension between Trump and Sessions. It is also very clear that people can easily be removed from his administration and replaced, as seen by our new Chief Of Staff John Kelly.

Here is something you might NOT have known! Jeff Sessions is currently being sued by a NFL star, a 11 year old girl with epilepsy, and a veteran with PTSD for Cannabis being on the schedule 1 substance list . Marvin Washington, who played for the Jets and had a 11 year career in the NFL, is suing sessions stating that the players are being  “fed” opiates at the end of the season and that they should have alternate pain alternatives. The lawsuit also goes on to point out that in order for a substance be be a schedule 1 drug, it cannot have medical benefits. However, the US government has a patent that disagrees . Here is the complaint filed by the 11 year old girl and the NFL star.

The Trump Administration:
As you could probably imagine, the Trump administration creates a certain unease in the marijuana community. With more and more states and local governments creating medical and recreational laws and licensing opportunities, the time to invest in the cannabis industry in now. For now, the Department of Justice has no budget for prosecuting medical cannabis via the Rohrabacher–Farr amendment (later renamed to the Rohrabacher–Blumenauer amendment).  This wonderful amendment, however, does not cover the recreational sales of marijuana.

Jeff Session’s Stance On Cannabis Is Clear:
On May 1, 2017 Jeff Session wrote a letter to congress and federal law makers regarding cannabis and the Rohrabacher–Farr amendment. This is what Jeff Sessions said:

“I believe it would be unwise for Congress to restrict the discretion of the Department to fund particular prosecutions, particularly in the midst of an historic drug epidemic and potentially long-term uptick in violent crime,”

“The Department,” Sessions continued, “must be in a position to use all laws available to combat the transnational drug organizations and dangerous drug traffickers who threaten American lives.”
2 Notice How Jeff 
The Start of A Cannabis Boom
Jeff Sessions leaving the Trump administration would open the position of Attorney General who is both the chief law enforcement officer and chief lawyer of the United States government. With a business man in office, who will have a hard time ignoring the money flowing in through cannabis tax, there is opportunity without Jeff Sessions. This could mean a very quick change in federal laws that could potential decriminalize the schedule 1 drug all together and create a national market. For investors this is the beginning of a fully legal cash crop that is sure to change history.

To talk to a project manager about investments in California, or to get some more information on federal and local laws:

Transparent Dog Puppy Pet Umbrella Leash For Small Dog

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Taking a stroll in the park with your dog is a fun and relaxing experience. However, certain weather conditions like snow, sleet or rain could turn your pleasant stroll in the park to something unenjoyable. Nevertheless, with the all amazing transparent dog puppy pet umbrella leash for small dog, you have nothing to worry about. This incredible dog puppy umbrella leash promises not only a novel experience of making your favorite pet look fashionable but equally helps in protecting your dog from unfavorable weather conditions.
So, do you desire only the best for your dog? Or are you seeking for that perfect present for your friend who's a dog lover?! Then we've got you covered! This transparent dog puppy pet umbrella with a built in leash is just perfect for your pet and of course, can serve as a beautiful gift for your pet lover friend!
Here are some features of this totally amazing transparent dog puppy pet umbrella leash that would endear you to get one for your pet ASAP!

  • Spots an umbrella with built in leash.
The days of neglecting your everyday stroll with your dog because of unfavorable weather conditions are all gone now. With the transparent dog puppy pet umbrella leash for small dog, you can enjoy that pleasurable stroll with your dog covered and protected from the rain. Isn't that cool?! No more worries about your dog getting all wet and having a cold from the rain or snow when he's all covered with the built-in umbrella!
  • Built to last
The built in umbrella leash is made of 100% stainless steel. That means it doesn't wear or tear for a long time. No amounts of rain would be able to penetrate through its shield like covering. And that's not just all to this awesome built-in umbrella leash. It also ensures the comfort of your pet at all times, and that's what every pet lover desires right?!
  • A reliable built-in chain.
The built-in chain attached to the leash gives you full control over your pet's movement without having to restrict him down to a spot i.e. your pet has free, unrestricted movement due to the length of the built in chain. Also, your firm grip on the chain ensures your pet doesn't go places you don't want it to! Amazing I tell you!
The built-in chain attached to the leash of this transparent dog puppy pet umbrella guarantees a wonderful and enjoyable experience for you and your pet as you take your stroll either in the neighborhood, nearby Park or any other public space.

2 Transparent Umbrella
  • Transparent umbrella body.
The umbrella leash isn't a dark hood that could possibly give you misgivings about using it on your pet or make your pet look off in a crowd. It doesn't hinder movement for you or your pet either.
It's totally transparent! And that gives you free access to watch and observe your pet even while you take a walk.
  • Convenient.
This transparent dog puppy pet umbrella leash guarantees your personal convenience and that of your pet at all times! With no worries about your pet getting wet in the rain and staining the carpet with wet doggy footprints or shaking water all-over the place after being doused in the rain. Again, you no longer have to dread walking in the unpleasant weather conditions. Either it's snowing or raining there's no stopping your walk with your pet with this exceptionally amazing umbrella leash.
  • It's stylish.
The transparent umbrella dog leash is designed in such an exceptional way that makes it stand out in a good way compared to other dog leashes! If you are a trendy person, you won't go wrong to invest in the transparent dog puppy pet umbrella leash for small dog.
The transparent umbrella dog puppy pet umbrella leash as at now comes in just one color and that's white, boosting more transparency! It also comes in free sizes for all pets.
This transparent umbrella dog leash with its many exceptional features is on the market and selling at a discount price for just $19.99! If you are a sincere pet lover, no price is definitely too high when it comes to your pet's comfort.
3 Our Verdict

Our Verdict
This transparent umbrella dog umbrella leash is a must-have for every pet lover! It's totally designed for your own convenience and your pet's absolute comfort! You shouldn't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to take your regular strolls to a whole new level.

It's convenient, not-too-pricey, designed for your pet's comfort in absolutely any weather! Snow, sleet, rain, whatever! What else are you waiting for?! Get yours now!

5 Quick and Easy Ideas For Branding

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Branding identifies the products and services offered by a company and distinguishes the organization from its competitors. To be considered effective, a brand must deliver the intended message, confirm the reliability of the organization, emotionally connect with the target audience, motivate them to patronize, and help gain customer loyalty. Relatively a tall order, to say the least, but also an essential factor of a marketing strategy.

Draw in elements from your site or logo on your social media profiles. From logo and business cards to email and newsletters, all your sales materials and printed communications must look, sound and feel like they came from the same source. The more consistent all your materials are, the more outstanding your brand will become. If you are not concerned about how you appear, then your potential customers will be distracted by your inconsistency rather than focusing on your message.

Don’t Be A Copycat
One common first nature of people is to imitate what an established brand has done already, which is thoughtless and won’t do your business any good. Recklessly copying another company’s branding tactics never does work out the way you would hope. You don’t need to do what everybody else is doing and follow the crowd carelessly. Use your uniqueness and style to appeal to your target audience and create more leads. You want to set yourself aside from competitors. Branding should successfully communicate how you are different from them, not how you are comparable.

Create A Voice which Reflects Your Brand
This same voice should be applied to all of the written correspondence and should be used in all your marketing materials, both offline and online. It’s the same language, rhythm, and tone that you should use in all of your communications, like your social network profiles, website, blog, and email replies. Regarding messaging, use the key expressions that are your unique selling points, whether they are used on your website, in ads or your brochure.

Generate Awareness of Your Brand Through Networking
You should be relating to other business owners in the business both online and in real life by using the social networks and commenting on their blogs.

Excel At Customer Service

Make customer service an essential value at all levels of your business, and become recognized as a brand that offers an outstanding experience. Your clients will surely reward you.

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Benefits of Using a Professional Private Investigator

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Are you feeling uncertain about a person, a company or even a situation that you find yourself in? There’s a major decision to be made about your business, life or career but you do not have all the information you need to make a decision that you feel comfortable with. At the same time, obtaining further information does not seem possible.

Or maybe you are feeling doubtful about a business deal or a person in your life. You may need to carry out a background check on an individual that you're about to start a business venture with. Or you may be having doubts about the fidelity of your spouse or partner. Having that extra bit of information would help remove those doubts and make the picture complete to you, so you can move forward with a clearer frame of mind. However, you are unable to obtain or access that critical information.

More and more people are finding themselves in such situations these days, with the widespread use of the internet, opening up of multiple options, both good and bad, to people. We’re constantly being bombarded with proposals from new prospective supplier

This is where a private investigator can help. It’s very easy to find a resourceful, capable and experienced private investigator with a good track record that can help you find that additional information, that missing piece, the answer you need to get out of the situation you’re stuck in and move on with your personal and professional life with a clearer mind.

So contact a professional PI today and get the answers you need.

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