Dual-jurisdiction Lawyer Vancouver BC

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As a lawyer in British Columbia and Washington, we understand the nuances of law in multiple jurisdictions and the impact of insurance coverage. Cross-border law will take a deliberate and resolved approach to your case. Whether we can reach a settlement with the insurance company or the matter needs to be resolved through arbitration or a court in the United States or Canada, we are confident that we will represent our customers through all stages of the litigation.

Of course, this is our business, but we are not just for money. We enable our customers to seek affordable care and help to heal injuries and repair losses. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of people, even thousands of wounded people, and we know that people need to reintegrate their lives and we do everything possible to help this process. We look forward to welcoming you as our customer.

A Trial-Focused Approach
In cross-border laws, we are prepared to try each case in court. With our profound experience as litigators, we will build an effective case strategy based on thorough investigation and careful research. Our focus has always been on cases that effectively address the best interests of our customers.

Schedule A Consultation
For many people, contacting a lawyer can seem like a daunting task. In cross-border laws, we make every effort to be approachable and graceful. We understand the pressures and worries faced by injured people. Call our office or send an email to arrange a free consultation.

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Panic Bar Installation Washington DC

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If you have already entered this page, you may be a construction project, warehouse or school manager or staff staring at an economical and convenient Panic Bar Installation Washington DC who can come to your location and bring your live answers to your controversy.


The MDC Key Locksmith Security Solution implements Panic Bar Installation's complete line of search, adjustment and restoration services in Washington, DC. Our well-trained security structure planning manpower can provide high quality help for stadiums, restaurants, and government offices, or may want to test extensions to these business panic bars to install keylock devices.

Exit locksmith

No matter what kind of real estate we have, no matter what kind of real estate we have, we need to pay close attention to safe ingredients, and surprisingly, it includes the choice of defending the exquisite environment and robbers by fixing the exit bar. Although the collision device is almost impossible to unlock by thieves and outsiders, their construction is very suitable, allowing you to escape from the house. Do you want to install and install a commercial collision device in Washington, DC? Our portfolio has a large amount of background output and installation panic devices. We provide a wide range of panic bars for almost all commercial security exit doors, and our keymiths are truly well-trained to assess and implement our clients and provide decent goods for their businesses.

Damaged car key

What if your lock has a damaged key? Call MDC Key Locksmith! The answer time is 25 minutes. We will send our sharp ignition workers to your moment. With 24-hour locksmith services and locomotive work cars, we are always on hand to help you wherever you are, whether you are in Washington, DC or in the country. Our courtesy and speedy car locksmith can support you to lose the ignition key and key cuts also implement a dozen chances.

Emergency lock

With our mobile trucks, we can transfer all access and entry tools, keys and locks to locks that may require us to re-lock, set up or pop up, which means we will save you a lot of time. Do not open the window. For your benefit, you obviously will place yourself in an unstable and high price situation; our professionals will come out in your place every day to unlock your biometric, magnetic or collision-free lock in 25 minutes. twice.

Relock the lock

Our key professionals will work to create the same key mechanisms as your existing machine, and will repair your model to give your center the sole right to be prescribed. We cooperate with numerous flea markets, office buildings, collages and medical centers to create a business environment. Our lock key and master key mechanism can be integrated with any actual electronic, smart key or key card reader device, regardless of the size of your center, and ensure that we can provide all key and lock prescription recommendations.

Automatic locking and fixing

If you are setting up automatic locking of the lock, please maintain your buzz and then call our refurbishment in addition to locking the electronic lock, our direct lock professional trainer. We are concerned about the entire set of Maglock locksmith services in Washington, DC and surrounding areas. Our keysmiths are ultimately bound, licensed and insured, and are able to cast all types of locks and key and lock obstacles. Our services are available Monday to Sunday, 24/7, to ensure your rehabilitated. . If you are looking for panic bar installation services in Washington, our local professional locksmith can reach your office, business or shop, install or repair various types of putters, fire doors and springs.

Is my property safe? Your Guide: Evaluating the Security of your Property

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This is a very important subject that I would like all of my Evanston residents to be aware of. Nothing is more personal and important to us as the place where we and our loved ones live. When things get personal, people tend to instinctually get protective. Consider this article your crash course on security planning and tips on securing your property. Our locksmiths want to educate you to know your risks and benefits of the security you choose. As a starting point, you know be aware of the general security offered to most properties in the USA. Who can assist you to learn more? Who can evaluate your home? What questions do you need to ask to make sure all bases are covered? With our complete property safety evaluation, we will help you create a plan you can clearly follow to provide optimum security for your property and keep criminals away. Find out what you need to know to be prepared regarding evaluating the security of your property.

The door is the entry point to the house, to the business, to a variety of places that may be attempted robbery. However according to numerous statistics developed by multiple companies, when the thief fails to force the lock of the door with great ease, he desists from his attempted robbery. And for this reason it is necessary to know if our property is safe or is an unsafe property and the first place where we should start is in the lock. For this reason, a good lock for any door is so important. It is necessary to know if the lock that has our property is a lock of optimum quality, this can be done by an expert Evanston Locksmith IL, who will be able to evaluate if the lock that owns our property is an optimal lock. They do this by evaluating under a series of methods and tactics to evaluate the reliability of the lock. It is also necessary to know the material with which the lock is made, as there are certain materials that suffer greater deterioration than others, in addition to certain materials in the lock are easier to force than others because they are more malleable. For this reason the stainless steel or iron locks are the most durable.

In the same way it is necessary to know another series of aspects about the lock to know if you have the best lock on the market. Aspects such as what type of lock it is if it is a multi-lock or a multi-point lock. These two types of locks are sub-classifications of the surface locks and are characterized by the fact that the multi-seal lock has between 3 and 5 lateral closures, while the multipoint lock has from 2 to 3 lateral points, in addition to having several closing points. in the upper part and the lower part. Both locks are equally effective, the power of a lock is not measured in the number of cylinders it has, but in the capacity it has to endure over the years, as well as the quality of the lock is evaluated at the time to avoid the locks of the lock, that is to say that at the moment of inserting the key the lock does not get out of phase and starts to turn towards the opposite side.

These aspects are necessary to evaluate them in the lock to know if we are in the presence of a reliable lock, which will protect our home from any unforeseen event. Another aspect to consider is the type of lock and the type of keys that the property owns. Since there are conventional locks and electronic locks, in the same way there are conventional keys or electronic keys. Both locks have their advantages and their own disadvantages of each lock and each key, however both keys and locks are equally useful to maintain a secure property, the important thing is that it complies with the characteristics mentioned above. In the same way, it can be admitted that there is a great variety of conventional locks and electronic locks in the market, which offer different advantages and different disadvantages among the different locks offered in the market. As well as we can also find that the locks in the market have different sizes and different materials, as well as different functioning. It is necessary to know as a client what type of lock you have on the property to know the characteristics, benefits and disadvantages of that lock.

The importance to emphasize if the property is a safe property, the existence of alarms in the property must be evaluated, since the alarms help to improve the security system of the property and therefore make it a safer property. Do you know the requirements when it comes to your security cameras and alarms? Evaluating the security of your property is more crucial and importance to have knowledge about than you may think. Alarms can be installed alarms to detect fires, alarms to prevent theft, among a host of alarms that exist in the market and can be installed to improve the security conditions of the property. Another aspect to take into account when evaluating if a property is safe is the presence of lattice. In many localities of different countries, especially in high risk areas it is common to observe properties with external lattice, as well as lattice windows as a safety measure, in certain areas of different countries this is an indication of whether the property is safe or not. In these areas, if you see a property without an external lattice or in the windows, it is considered that the property is not safe.

So as a summary so far to know if a property is safe, it is necessary to know the materials of which the lock is made, as well as aspects such as the type of lock and the model of the lock to know if it is a Lock with greater security than other models. In the same way an alarm system, as well as a lattice system in the property help to improve the security of a property with respect to other properties. Other aspects that can be taken to say if a property is safe, is the fact that it has external or internal surveillance systems, that is, with security cameras that can record anything that happens in the interior or in the vicinity of the property. Also in certain regions around the world it is considered that a property has a high safety index when it has safe deposit boxes or safes inside to protect certain documents or items of great value. However, the use of external or internal surveillance systems such as surveillance cameras or security guards, as well as the existence of a safe or a safe are considered to be extreme security measures and properties that have it they are considered very safe properties, since they have a very low rate of thefts in their establishments or in their properties.

Mainly the factors to consider if a property is safe are those previously mentioned, such as locks, lattice systems and alarm systems, however there are other security methods that can be used in the properties and indicate if they are high properties. degree of security or not.

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Divano Designs Reviews

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We have recently become victims of a scam wherein Nittoo Singh the owner of Divanodesignsus.com has ordered to design their website from the scratch for a total cost of $1500.

He paid $1100 to start the project and complete the development in 45 days. We created the mock up design and upon approval, we completed the rest of the job and delivered before the deadline. Once everything was done, He along with his brother, Manbir Singh came to our office and wanted to start again with a completely new design and single layout. This is something to do the entire task twice. To satisfy the customer, we did it without even asking for any additional money. Besides, the agreement was to develop 40 pages but they asked above 60 and we did that as well for the same price. This is not the all as they kept on adding more and more new features beyond what was agreed and we kept on doing as a gesture of goodwill.

When all changes were done, we did follow up to accept the project and release the balance amount. Now he started playing with us. Making the payment was far away from reality; he even didn’t think of responding our emails in time. We had to make many follow ups and wait for weeks to get a response from him. However, he will never forget to come up with excuses for not being able to respond us in a timely manner. Sometimes the delay was because of his daughter’s birthday and some other time he was busy with his customers. All these excuses were fine till they were not affecting our work and finance. But he will cunningly went on adding new features with no money and no required input. In this way he took about six months to get the project completed.

During New year holidays, Nittoo wanted to make the website live while our staff were on New year vacation. We confess there was a  delay of 48 hours to respond his email and with this he started abusing the entire team who was working so patiently and diligently for him for the last six months. Especially to one of our lady staff who used to attend his call. Probably he was drunk!!!

We believe being ethical and work professionally for our clients. This was a kind of first incidence for us. So it was beyond our tolerance and escalated the case to the higher management of our company to decide. Our management decided not to involve any lady staff where we have to work with such a unprofessional person and strictly warned Nittoo Singh not to contact any of our lady staff and abuse them for any reason.

It was a very correct and stringent decision from our side and with this Nitto Singh, the so called ethical business owner of  Divanodesignsus.com got angry and charged back, took back all money he had paid for the work as it is quite easy to get refunded using Amex. He didn’t even stop posting fabricated reviews in many online websites.

We discussed all that had happened over phone and they wanted to go for a meeting in person. As scheduled, his wife Ginni who is a nice lady came to our office with Manbir and asked apologies for all that was not good. They meet the lady staff as well and requested to excuse Nittoo for his unprofessional reaction over phone. Our management asked Ginni to remove all those fabricated reviews from the online portals which she never agreed as Nitto’s post in spite of the proofs given to ensure it was none other than a defamation from Nittoo only.

Secondly, the initial agreement was for $1500 and we had never asked for any additional money in spite of the additional work done. But Ginni is putting us an allegation that, we have asked for more money. All the communications over Basecamp and email were there with us. We can disclose them all if needed to prove our statement as true. But such a kind of false allegation is neither good for her nor for her clients.

With all such downs, they asked to provide the source code of the website. We developed the website from the scratch and the chargeback has left us with no money from them.  Now, how come we can deliver the source codes without getting paid for the work? Nowhere in the universe it is accepted that the site codes have to be delivered before getting a single dollar from your client.

Eventually, she claims that we do not have a USA presence. There is nothing to prove where we are. Because we are into the business since 2000 and they are pretty new. There are many dissatisfied customers and negative reviews available since 2014 for their credit. So beware of Nitto Singh, Divanodesignsus.com  and businesses like this. They are looking for opportunities and any time you may come under their illusion by losing money, reputation and mental peace.

Must watch this video: https://youtu.be/ialonX9Yyu0

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8 Reasons to Prove Moksh Banquets is the Best Place for Birthday Parties in Hyderabad

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Birthday parties are fun! Right? Perhaps not for those organizing it. From decoration to foot-tapping music, from car parking to inside venue space availability, from guest interaction to multi-cuisine lunch/dinners, the hosts of birthday events have thousands of things to worry about. All this in addition to making sure your loved ones are having the time of their life, be it your child’s first birthday or your Mom/Dad’s 60th birthday. We at Moksh Banquets believe that a birthday party should be maximum fun and minimum stress. We believe that the party hosts should worry only about what gift to get their loved ones and what dance move to perform for the next song. Moksh Banquets strives to provide best and quality services/facilities to customers so that their only stress is about dressing up well!

Moksh Banquets are strategically located at three of the most convenient locations across the twin cities, Tivoli Road, Necklace Road and Jubilee Hills. No matter if your event is a small and private function or a grand and jubilant celebration, we offer premium services/facilities which are second to none. Make your “Celebrations Elevated”.  With an experience of more than a decade in providing exclusive banqueting facilities and awards to show for our unmatched quality and hospitality standards, we know exactly how to make your birthday party memorable.

Being located in few of the most accessible locations in the city, Moksh Banquets are easily reachable even through public transportation. For those preferring personal transportation, we avoid you the hassle of finding a parking spot by providing valet parking services. Be rest assured as our experienced drivers and valets ensure the condition and safety of your vehicle.

Venue and On-demand features
We cater to both small, family parties and also grand festivities. Our venues have a capacity for organizing events for up to 1000 people! All of our venues are equipped with air conditioners for the comfort of you and your guests. Our Necklace road venue is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including retractable roofing to provide you and your guests with an unparalleled experience. This location also has access to outside grass lawn for outdoor themed parties. We offer a virtual 360-degree tour of all of our venues directly on our website. You can make an informed decision about organizing a birthday party with an experience like no other, right from the comfort of your own home. For those looking for at-the-venue experience, our courteous and easily accessible venue managers are readily available for scheduling a tour of the venues.

With customer comfort in mind especially the senior citizens, our multi-storied venues have been equipped with elevators. All of our venues provide access to bathrooms which are maintained at superior hygienic conditions. We understand the importance of social networking and for that reason, all of our venues are equipped with high bandwidth WiFi routers to provide WiFi on demand to our customers. So, don’t fret about running out of your mobile data, use our networks to upload selfies and “go live” as and when you want. Furthermore, you can even live-stream the event to your family and friends who couldn’t make it. Believe us, it is the easiest way to make them jealous 😛

What party is complete without some song and dance? Don’t just shake one leg but shake two! All of our venues come equipped with removable dance stages. Just wait for the cake to be cut and let your hair lose! Shielayamunni, manaomasti honey.  Furthermore, we provide on-demand access to A/V systems, LCD projector and screens to display your favourite memories with your loved ones to your guests.

Keep your young guests entertained by organizing shows by event clowns and magicians. We can set you up with acclaimed performers who can cater to your specific needs. Relax and catch-up with your friends and family as the kids get engrossed in other activities. Abracadabra!

We also offer other on-demand services like thematic photo booths in association with the decorator. Also, we understand the importance of thanking your guests for gracing the event with their presence. However, everyone in the world agrees it is impossible to think of appropriate return gifts! Worry not, our experienced venue managers are more than willing to help you identify age specific return gifts for your guests.

Multi Cuisine Delicacies & Choice of Menus
Cater to the needs and fancies of the food connoisseur in you by having access to a variety of cuisines such as Indian, Continental, and Mughlai etc. With over hundreds of menu items covering a wide range of appetizers, entrees, desserts and non-alcoholic beverages, our renowned chefs can cook up dishes you’ve only heard of! You are even welcome to sample your menu items beforehand to make changes if necessary. We also offer specialized vegan choices on request. Also we are more than happy to extend our children friendly menu for your young ones, with items like pizza, Alfredo/marinara creamy pasta, panipuri and other spectrum of chat items that are their all-time favorite.  Popular dessert options like cupcakes, cookies, brownies etc. can also be included in lunch/dinner menu for your little darlings. Relish on your favorite and exotic delicacies while they enjoy theirs (we won’t judge if you steal from their plates :-P). In addition to providing delicious and lip smacking food, we also maintain impeccable service and quality standards.

Thoroughly Customizable Arrangements
Looking for a princess or a superhero themed party for your 5 year old? Or a vintage cinematic theme for your Dad’s 75th birthday? Look no further. At Moksh Banquets, we offer numerous predesigned thematic arrangements that cater to most needs. We have some of most popular kid’s birthday themes to celebrate your child’s inner hero such as Ironman, Batman or their favorite characters like Pokémon, Peppa pig or Cinderella, police, pilot, and cars & of course Bahubali.  For those looking for not-so-ordinary, out-of-the-box experience, we allow for a full customization of the event’s theme. You can choose from a gamut of colors, lighting, floral arrangements, decoration ornaments and other details to tailor your party to your needs. Even the seating arrangements are tailor-made to your needs. Furthermore, we also set you up with specialist decorators and event organizers for creating a remarkable party experience for you, your guests and most importantly your loved ones. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Cakes, cakes and more cakes!
No birthday party is complete without a proper cake. Gone are the days when a “house” cake is the fanciest cake in town. Today, almost every minute detail of the cake can be customized. From the number of colours and where they are applied to the number of tiers and the theme for each one of them. Cake industry has grown leaps and bounds to satisfy the whims and fancies of the customer. Specialist cake bakers such as Vacs, Swiss castle, Country oven, Guilt trip etc. have made a name for themselves by creating varieties of cakes that can only be dreamt of. In addition to the tradition cool cakes and fondant cakes, you can create thematic cakes tailored to the occasion. Be it MahendraBahubali lifting the Shiv Ling on his shoulder or a multi-flavour seven tier cheesecake with custom printed edible photocards on each tier, specially made cakes can substantially brighten the special day of your loved one. Order a cake with any baker and we will be more than happy to keep it ready for you!

There is no better way to cherish and re-live the memorable moments spent with your near and dear than through photography. With the advent and prevalence of digital photography, it is easier than ever to capture those candid and lovable moments which create perpetual memories. In the recent years, Hyderabad has become a hot bed of highly successful candid and event photographers. Expert Photographers like Photriya, Krishnam Photography, Omkar Photography, Sweet Pickle Pictures, to name a few, have been able to achieve international acclaim through their work in wedding and event photography. In addition to freezing those splendid moments in time, modern photographers offer additional value added services which can dramatically enhance your event experience. Functionalities such as videography, creation of event teaser and trailer videos, high quality print production of event photos, have been able to capture your beautiful moments with your loved ones and create everlasting memories. You can arrange for a choreographed pre-event shoot and even organize a cake-smash. With a venues that is as breath-taking as Moksh Banquets, every photograph is going to be as breath-taking!

Children Friendly Venues
The most important people at a birthday are children! At Moksh Banquets, we understand the value of your children’s safety and security and strive out best to ensure their needs are taken care-off while still making sure they have amazing fun. A few of our safety and security features include

Security guards at venue entrances
Necessary first aid and fire control equipment
Children friendly staff who are very accessible and who go out of their way to ensure the safety and security of your children
We can also get you in touch with children engagers such as game organizers and funny balloon makers for the joy of the young ones. Grass lawns (at locations with that feature) are open to kids for their recreation.

Our premium and industry-leading hospitality and event organizing services will not burn a hole in your pocket! We understand the value of money and hence offer competitive pricing that is budget friendly for any party size. We maintain strict transparency in all our proceedings and our pricing is pretty much all-inclusive, which enables you to track how your hard earned money is being put to efficient use. We make sure that the final bill is completed vetted before handing it over to you for review. We ensure that the final bill consists of an explicit breakup of costs between various services, even when any of our third-party or on-demand functionalities are utilized. Get in touch with us for a quote today!

Banking on decades of experience in event hosting, Moksh Banquets helps you organize the best birthday parties ever! With options to customize every minute detail of your party i.e. from cake to decoration, theme customization to audio/visual equipment, we strive to provide the ultimate experience for both the hosts and their guests. Our professional and concerned staff are prepared to go out of their way to ensure that the occasion is memorable for all those involved. Our venues are designed with features such as elevators to provide utmost comfort to our customers. We believe that a birthday is not just another day in the year. It is a celebration. A celebration of joy and happiness with your loved ones. And it is our job and privilege to make your “Celebrations Elevated”.

Everyone can find the best places in hyderabad for birthday parties in Moksh Banquets

A Global Exigency

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The Unspoken Smiles Foundation Tackles the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals in the Developing World.
By B.E. Sweeny
In 2015, the United Nations set forth their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which included seventeen Global Goals designed “to wipe out poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change over the next 15 years.”[1]And while there are a variety of NGO’s that are working on these various goals, The Unspoken Smiles Foundation, one dedicated to promoting proper oral hygiene and oral health awareness in the developing world, is doing so with their unique, inclusive and sustainable approach.

Goal Three: Health and Well-being

There is a direct correlation between oral health and an individual’s overall health and well-being, which is why the World Health Organization (WHO)declared it “essential to general health and quality of life.”[2] And while a variety of Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) receive the attention of the international community, oral health is often excluded from this taxonomy. Or, as the president of Tanzania, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, stated in 2011: “oral diseases are often overlooked among NCDs by the international community, and it is a health area that we cannot afford to ignore and that is largely preventable.”[3]

Through the work of Unspoken Smiles, there is a concerted effort to tackle this on a global scale and in a way that directly addresses the third goal of the 2030 Agenda: Health and Wellbeing. By implementing a combination of treatment and education, the foundation is able to provide a basic level of dental care in these communities by sending clinicians into the local schools to administer teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments to the children. Further, they teach the children proper oral hygiene techniques and show them how they should be implemented into their daily routines while providing them with the basic supplies (toothbrushes and toothpaste) to ensure they are put into practice.

Goal Five: Gender Equality

And while providing these services is an essential part of their mission, the foundation is also tackling the gender disparity that is found throughout the developing world with their Unspoken Smiles Fellowship. In this program, women between the ages of 18–35 are trained as community oral health professionals and, afterward, are employed by the foundation within their communities. As such, they begin to earn a steady income on par with their male peers, which allows them the means and support to overcome their status as second-class citizens. But such independence is only achieved through an income that allows for an adequate standard of living, which, upon graduation, is precisely what the fellows can expect.

And not only is this fellowship providing educational and economic opportunities, but it is doing so in a sustainable way. By offering these women tuition-free vocational training, they are allowing even the poorest candidates the chance to learn and, eventually, earn a wage that will lift them out of poverty. But to ensure the program is able to serve the next generation, the women dedicate a small percentage of their income to reimbursing the foundation after they graduate and secure employment.

Goal Eight: Decent Work and Economic Growth

But beyond offering employment for the women in these communities, Unspoken Smiles is redefining dental enterprise in a sustainable way. Instead of merely sending clinicians to treat these populations for intermittent periods of time, the fellowship is creating a stable body of professionals to serve as the first line of care in these communities. Upon completion of their training, the women are ready to join the workforce with a local dental office or by joining one of the mobile clinics that the Foundation is planning to create. With this program, which is still in its pilot phase, children below the age of 16 will be treated for free whereas a reasonable fee is charged for those over 18 years of age. This model not only supports the salaries of the fellows but covers the maintenance of equipment and other sundries.

And the fellows are not the only ones who benefit from the program. As Helen Clark, Administrator of the UNDP, said in 2011: “Oral diseases are an obstacle to development. Something as preventable as tooth decay can impair people’s ability to eat, to interact with others, attend school, or work. These consequences all detract from human wellbeing, economic potential, and development progress.”[4] Plainly, with healthier individuals available for school and the workforce, the economy grows. Furthermore, by attending to oral health concerns as a preventative measure, the local health system is less strained when it is not handling the myriad diseases and other maladies that stem from poor dental care.

Goal Seventeen: Strengthen the Means of Implementation and Revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

As a newly ECOSOC /DPI NGO in consultative status with the United Nations, Unspoken Smiles have begun discussions with the ministries of health and education within the respective countries, which is the first step towards institutionalizing this world-class care. This represents the start of a strong public-private partnership between the foundation, local governments and, eventually, private companies. Traces of this can already be seen, as, during their pilot programs in India, Kurdistan, Romania, Haiti, El Salvador, and Guatemala, the foundation received a generous amount of dental supplies from the American Dental Association. And this relationship only grows stronger as they continue to build best-in-class alliances that enhance corporate and philanthropic objectives while helping save and improve the lives of children and women around the world. As a startup, they are already bringing a truly global presence, extensive expertise, influence, and credibility in their lifesaving work for children, and a brand that donors know and trust. When combined with the resources, knowledge, and commitment of SDG partners, the results can be tremendous.

Considered as a whole, these examples begin to illustrate how the Unspoken Smiles Foundation represents a major step forward in the pursuit of these goals. But as far as they have come, there are still numerous cultural, systemic and institutional barriers that they must still face. However, given the progress of these concerned individuals thus far, it is clear that process has begun and a path towards a better, more egalitarian tomorrow has been forged.

Packing, and Protecting Collectibles, Art and Antiques While in Storage - 5 tips for success

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By Sally Wood
Properly protecting your treasured collectibles should always be a key concern... after all, YOU are the “collection” curator! Making sure your “valuable” (more on this later) items are properly packaged for a quick stint or long term visit in storage  both require special considerations.
Take some well-advised suggestions from professionals for the best methods you can utilize to ensure that your fine art and antiques are packaged with safety and security in mind.

Packing for Storage – The Common Sense Approach
In this section, we’ll take a look at the following:
  • DIY packing materials and methods
  • Adhesives and anchoring wax
  • What to do about moisture?

Photos don’t like high humidity. Lots of bad tings happen.

Tip #1 Much of the following may (and should) seem like common sense. Making sure to pack lighter items on top of heavier ones, for example, is a simple piece of advice that sometimes goes unacknowledged, leading to needless damage. Even if your goods are packaged correctly in sturdy cardboard boxes (and they should be), this advice still applies. Placing heavier items on top of lighter ones is a big no-no.
Tip #2 And when it comes to those cardboard boxes we mentioned, there is a little more to consider. Yes, sturdy cardboard boxes are an indispensable packing method for many budgets, but it’s worth considering specialist wrapping materials for goods that will perish in conditions of excess moisture, such as books, textiles, paintings, photo albums. Tissue paper and breathable sheets are decent options on a tight budget. Don’t let cardboard come into contact with fabrics and paper – the acids will cause extensive damage. Newspaper is often used but it too is very acidic and can accelerate the aging and yellowing of fabrics and paper keepsakes and documents... and the newsprint can rub off onto collectibles. The main things you want your wrapping material to achieve are:
  • Breathability (to protect from moisture build-up)
  • Solid protection from dust and insects
  • Make sure it doesn’t contribute to causing accelerated aging and deterioration
It’s worth noting that professional options are available, whilst cardboard boxes can still be used for storage, just pop your wrapped up goods straight in.
Tip #3 If you’re storing your goods at home on shelves, then you might want to consider using a nifty substance known as Museum Wax:  a strong anchoring wax material that will hold down your ceramics and glassware to the surface upon which it is resting. It is also useful for more securely attaching a framed item to a wall, yet it remains easy to remove. Whether wall or shelf, using an anchoring material like this will help protect your precious goods from accidental damage that may be caused by clumsy handling, earthquakes, tremors, clumsy knocks or rampaging children!
As far as tape and adhesives go, avoid getting them on artwork, collectibles and especially anything with a “finish” like a frame or furniture. Never put tape on paper items!! Avoid using white glue on porous items that will absorb. Never use super glue-type products on anything important. These suggestions from a professional art conservator.
Tip #4 Choose your storage location wisely: Rampaging little ones aside, the biggest thing you really want to watch out for is moisture. If storing your goods at home, you must be careful that your chosen storage spot isn’t susceptible to large shifts in climate. Garages and attics aren’t always the best places for storage if you don’t have good insulation. As a general rule of thumb for storing artwork, you need to maintain a level of humidity between 40-50%, and a temperature of between 21-24°C. but the most important thing is not to have swings in the temperature or humidity in your storage area more than 20 points within  24 hour period.
Totally avoidable! Spilling on artwork is expensive to repair.
Packing for Storage – The Professional Approach
When storing precious goods like fine art and antiques, preserving their value is of paramount importance. This value isn’t necessarily measured in only monetary terms, although it certainly can be. There’s an emotional and historical value to these sorts of goods as well, and it’s likely that your care for your precious belongings extends across each of these dimensions.
Tip #5 It makes sense, then, that professional storage providers are, at the very least, a feasible and dependable option, and in most cases, budget depending, the no-contest best option for safe and secure storage of your fine art and antiques. But why is this, and what should you look for in a professional storage provider?
A professional storage provider worthy of your business should offer you the following, at the very least:
  • Climate controlled storage compartments
  • No-Obligations, free storage quotes
  • Excellent customer ratings from third party review websites
  • A full set of industry accreditations
  • Friendly and helpful customer service
  • Excellent transport options and multiple storage locations
  • Professional packing services that specially cater to the storage of fine art and antiques
  • Affordable pricing
  • State-of-the-art, secure facilities.
  • Advanced security and insurance options
There’s quite a bit on this list. But there are storage providers out there who offer this and more, and your valuable goods deserve the very best.
Damaged while handling from one storage unit to another!

The movie, Monuments Men had a “take-away lesson” that was brilliant: what makes up the heritage and story of our families and communities that defines us? Those stories and history are contained in items, collectibles, memorabilia, keepsakes, art and antiques. Protecting, preserving and caring for them helps to define our heritage and us for the next generation. Show the other family members that you care.

7 Ways to Create A Booklet Design

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Booklet printing may be simple in a few aspects and it could be complicated in other people. That is why for a lot of, it can be hard to do perfect booklet printing every one of the time. If you are one of those individuals who need to print color booklets the many time, you will need to have a few standard tips to always develop perfect booklets. 

1. Use proper booklet printing software? Don’t simply use any old word processor to create your color booklets. If you want to make a perfect booklet you have to make use of the right software. That is why you should get those professional publishing tools including Adobe In Design. Also, you try more advanced word processors with the entire proper booklet printing settings of left-right pages as well as the appropriate dimensions. The newest versions of Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.org Writer can perform this for ones booklets.

2. Always insert high definition images? All images that you simply insert on your booklet draft should be in high definition. This is to help keep its quality well in to the booklet printing stage. If you don’t use a hi-res image, such as from the case once you use web images, the picture becomes fuzzy in printing. So ensure your images may be good plus high-resolution.

3. Use only one or two varieties of fonts? For color booklets it’s good to stay to only one or two kinds of fonts. This makes the booklet look more coherent and finish. You can use italic or bold versions of the font for variation but pretty much that ought to be it. You will see that a booklet will be more professional and clean when performed this way.

4. Use templates when possible? When you’ll be able to, you should try to work with templates when possible. This is especially true if you’ll be able to get your hands on to professional booklet templates. They usually develop the proper settings and layouts for any real effective color booklet. You won’t have to worry an excessive amount of about the settings if you use these.

5. Add printing bleeds and guidelines whenever? To be certain that everything is aligned right come booklet printing, it’s good to feature printing bleeds and guidelines each and every time. Printing bleeds are extra printing dimensions inside booklet in order that the printer has some space for cutting. Since cutting may have minute imperfections, the printing bleeds be certain that no booklet element is remove from the printing itself. Adding guidelines due to this printing bleeds will also enable you to as you manage your layout for your booklet.

6. Proofread three or maybe more times? Before your booklet printing commences lowering proofread the information three or even more times. It is also good to make this happen using multiple people. This is just to check on your booklet for any kind of text or design errors that you just may have missed. It is best to come with an extra two of eyes given that they might have an alternative perception with the booklet which makes them keener with kinds of mistakes.

7. Choose your printers wisely? Finally, should you really want to print booklets that happen to be really great, it is wise to choose a printer wisely? Do not don’t use anything but the first printer you see for the yellow pages or about the Internet. Always research and find out who could be the most reputable as well as booklet printer which is easy to contact. Look at printing samples to find out what you are able to expect so that you be sure that your won color booklets can look quite great.

Zest Booklet Printing in United Kingdom comes with a variety of booklet design  options including wire bound, perfect book bound and saddle stitched. Choose the best option that works for your particular needs.


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When you hear the name of the BBC, you’re likely picturing its award-winning documentaries, TV shows, and reputed news reporting. But what about a computer? They’re not the most famous of BBC’s creations, but it has produced a small number of cheap computers. The latest of these is the BBC Micro:bit. This is the computer, which the Micro:bit Sri Lanka User Group (Micro:bit SLUG) is using to introduce computing to Sri Lankan students.

What is the BBC Micro:bit?

It’s half the size of a credit card and is powered by an ARM processor, the BBC Micro:bit is a single-board microcontroller.  Think of it as a computer similar to the likes of the Raspberry Pi or an Arduino. Such computers are cheap and allow developers to create devices with ease. As a result of these two reasons, such computers have become popular in education circles.
The BBC Micro:bit (Image credits: Techradar)

So what exactly does this tiny computer bring to the table? Alongside its processor, you’ll find an accelerometer, magnetometer sensors, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, two buttons, and 25 LED lights. These LED’s can be programmed for a variety of purposes. Similarly, the two buttons on the Micro:bit can be used to execute any programs you write.
But how exactly do you write these programs? There are multiple options available that support a variety of languages. But one that’s popular here in Sri Lanka is the JavaScript Block Editor. Developed as part of Microsoft’s MakeCode initiative,  this is a platform that allows you to create programs by assembling visual blocks of JavaScript code. To power all this, the Micro:bit can utilize USB connectivity or an external battery.

The BBC distributed the Micro:bit to every Year 7 student in the UK (Image credits: Robotistan)
The Micro:bit project began in 2012 as part of the BBC Computer Literacy Program. It was designed to encourage children to write software and build new hardware, rather than being consumers. As such, it was distributed to every Year 7 (11 and 12-year-old) student in the UK.
Afterwards, the BBC handed over the future of this tiny computer to the Micro:bit Education Foundation on the 18th of October 2016. The mission of this organization is simple: to increase the use of the BBC Micro:bit in education throughout the world.

How the Micro:bit is introducing Sri Lanka to coding

Meanwhile, in Sri Lanka, there’s an army of volunteers that travel across the island. Their mission is to show every child in Sri Lanka that they can write code to create anything as long as they’re curious and passionate. Their tool of choice? The Micro:bit. They are the Micro:bit Sri Lanka User Group aka. Micro:bit SLUG.
Prabhath Mannapperuma – the CEO of the Micro:Bit Sri Lanka User Group (Image credits: Microsoft)
Led by Prabhath Mannapperuma, the origins of this volunteer army is closely tied with that of the Micro:bit Foundation. In 2016, Prabath saw a newspaper article about the Micro:bit. Almost immediately, a fire lit up inside him. He knew that this tiny computer the size of a credit card had immense potential. So he reached out to the Foundation.
However, the Micro:bit Foundation had no plans of introducing the tiny computer to Asia. The foundation itself was in its early days. As such, it was focused on expanding its reach across Europe. But Prabhath did not waver. He reached out to the Foundation once again and presented a detailed plan to educate children in Sri Lanka.
This time the Foundation was impressed and agreed to give Prabhath with free devices and learning materials. Having secured their support, was a victory for Prabhath. But he knew that he couldn’t execute this grand idea of his on his own. So he reached out to two of his friends: Indika Dalugama and Avishka Laknath. He explained his idea to them and they agreed to join him.
The SLUG volunteers after their first awareness session (Image credits: Microsoft)
And so in November 2016, the Micro:bit Sri Lanka User Group was born. Soon afterward, they began planning their first awareness session. After much debate, they picked a location and packed their bags. The team had decided that Sri Lanka would be introduced to the Micro:bit not in Colombo, but at a distant rural village.
Andon the 21st of January 2017, they made the 2-hour journey to the Nisala Nenasala in Udubaddawa. After they arrived, they introduced the Micro:bit to 20 school children through an Hour of Code. By the end of the session, the kids were ecstatic. Prabhath and his team knew they had just taken the first step towards something amazing.
Scouts with the Micro:bit (Image credits: Micro:bit SLUG)
Since taking this first step, the SLUG team has conducted over 30+ awareness sessions. Through these sessions, they’ve introduced over 2000 students to the art of computer science. Furthermore, they’ve also distributed over 100 Micro:bit computers, which has brought about exciting results.
Going beyond the first step
In April 2017, the Micro:bit Foundation announced the results of its Mothers and Carers Challenge. The goal of this challenge was to inspire the young inventors utilizing the platform. To be precise, it was to inspire them to find solutions to help Mothers and Carers around the world. Mentioned among the winners were four ideas by Sri Lankan students, which the Foundation considered to be most impressive.
Micro:bit Discovery Day at Marawilla (Image credits: Micro:bit SLUG)
The ideas submitted by these students were simple ones. They ranged from a pressure gauge for gas cylinders to alarms that rang for different scenarios. It’s all too easy for experienced programmers to brush these off as projects they’d do in their sleep. However, one must not forget that these projects were done by rural school children with only 4 months of programming experience. It should also be noted that such communities have limited access to technology.
Such feats aren’t accomplished merely through awareness sessions. The Micro:bit Sri Lanka User Group also hosts a series of Discovery Days. These are special workshops and hackathons that are conducted for school children in districts. Typically, these discovery days see 10 – 20 teams from the district. Over the course of the year, the Micro:bit SLUG team has carried out Discovery Days in 25 districts across Sri Lanka.
The Microsoft MakeCode Platform in Sinhala
Additionally, the SLUG team has also embarked towards localizing the learning resources available for its students. In other words, they’ve made Microsoft MakeCode available in Sinhala. Similarly, they’ve also assisted the Micro:bit Foundation to make the content on its website available in both Sinhala and Tamil.
The dedicated volunteers
From introducing students to programming to training teachers, the SLUG team has been busy this past year. All of which has been conducted by an army of volunteers. Today, SLUG has 300+ volunteers from various universities and organizations. These volunteers are spread out across the island.
Micro:bit SLUG Volunteers at their first meetup (Image credits: Micro:bit SLUG)
They function as a well-oiled machine led by the SLUG volunteer ambassadors. These ambassadors are located in each of the 25 districts across the island. Whenever SLUG organizes an event, it is these ambassadors that assemble the volunteers and ensure that the event is a success.
Thus far, most of their events have been successful. And these efforts have not gone unnoticed. Recently, they were presented with a special award. The Micro:bit Education Foundation had recognized SLUG as the first official Micro:bit Community Group in the world due to its initiatives to introduce children to programming.
The Future of Micro:bit in Sri Lanka
One year ago, Prabath pitched his grand idea to the Micro:bit Foundation. Today Micro:bit Sri Lanka User Group is a global success story. Nobody foresaw this small band of volunteers being so successful. As such, the Foundation has launched two new Micro:bit User Groups in Canada and Singapore.
The future (Image credits: Prabhath Mannapperuma)
These communities have adopted program and follow in the footsteps taken by the volunteers here in Sri Lanka. When asked about the future plans of SLUG, Prabath shared that they will continue to explore new avenues to raise awareness.
Needless to say, the Micro:bit Sri Lanka User Group has a long road ahead of them. But with one tiny computer the size of a credit card, they’re determined to create a Sri Lanka where anyone can use technology to create anything.