St Petersburg Private Guided Tour in English


We are glad to introduce ourselves. We are not average agency. We are team of professional guides from St.Petersbourg and Moscow, who combines our skills and ability to create interesting, well organized tours you'll never forget. We have gained a great experience in this sphere.

We live in beautiful but extraordinary country, which has its own rules. Even if you are experienced traveller you will face some difficulties in Russia. The main are: not all the signs, names of the streets, metro stations and other city paces are written in English. Moscow and St.Petersbourg are big and vivid city so you are absolutely not able to cover even the main sights without vehicle.  Lines to buy a ticket to museums are huge especially during the high season. That is why our advice is to have not only one of our professional guides with great knowledge of language, but a car or van or bus as well. We will prepare for your tour all the tickets, well-equipped car or van or bus, the best routs to see a city. Even if you spend not so much in Russia, you will never forget it.

We can also understand that all our guests have different interests and wishes. We are very flexible, we will adopt our standard tour for you or even we will create a tour specially for you: historical or art tour of any level, photo tour, family tour, educational or relaxing tour. Your choice.

We have been working in incoming tour sphere more than 10 years and we are extremely glad to offer you not only St.Petersbourg and Moscow tours, but Golden Ring and Novgorod tours ( to visit our ancient capitals, authentic Russia).

You can come alone or with a big company of friends, it is not a problem for us. The more people will come, the more will love Russia after the tour. Each guest , each member of a group will have our attention , care and service on the highest level.

Do not hesitate to contact us, to get any advice, to learn more even if you do not plan to come to Russia now. You will know you have friends here.

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