5 Pet Friendly Travel Destinations

How wonderful it would be if you can take your pets on a vacation too? Not only will the change of place relax and rejuvenate them, but it will also give you ample opportunities to bond with them better. In fact, you will never be starved for companionship when you take your pet along.
Here's a list of five destinations that welcome both you and your pet to enjoy a memorable vacation:
Lake Placid, New York
When you are in the mood to go on a hiking expedition with your pet, just take a flight to New York City and a car rental from there to get to Lake Placid. This woody destination is sure to provide tons of adventure and excitement for all of you.
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Seattle, Washington
Seattle offers a little bit of everything, ranging from nature to cultural activities. Also, Seattle is known to be one of the most pet-friendly cities in the US with its many dog parks and un-trampled wilderness. Best part, there are many flights to Seattle from different parts of the world to make your travel easy.
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Paris, France
In Paris, your dog or cat can sit at your feet as you dine in an expensive restaurant! You can even carry your pet in the Paris Metro or the local bus, as you travel from one part of the city to another. That is how much pet-friendly this city is. So, when you want to tag along your pet on your next vacation, just book a flight to Paris.
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is known to be one of the most tolerant cities in the world, so it's no surprise it welcomes pets too. Most of its beautiful and picturesque parks have a separate pet area for your friends to play and interact with others of their kind. No wonder pet owners book flights to Amsterdam in large numbers every year.
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Berlin, Germany
Many famous dog breeds came from Germany, so it is only natural that they allow pets as visitors too. The fact that Berlin is a bicycle-friendly city makes it easy to put your pet in the cycle basket as you navigate through its roads. The many flights to Berlin also make planning easy.
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So, where are you going to travel with your pet next?


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