5 Reasons Why Dublin Should be On Your Holiday List

Ireland is a beautiful country filled with natural wonders and a vibrant culture, and Dublin is its crown.
This Irish city abounds with things to do and see ranging from natural scenery to colourful festivals, and this is making it a popular spot for anyone looking to do something different. Due to this growing influx of tourists, many airlines are also operating daily flights to Dublin.
Here are our top five reasons why Dublin should be on your holiday list.
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
Dublin is the best place in the world to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, as the entire city turns green to honour the patron saint of Ireland. During this time, every part of Dublin celebrates with street parades, fun events, puppetry, music shows and comedy events that are sure to enthrall your body and senses.
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Watch the Six Nations Rugby tournament
What's a visit to Dublin without a peek at their most famous sport - Rugby. The Six Nations tournament is one of the most prestigious events in the Irish sporting calendar and the whole city gears up to the home games, that take place in Croke's Park. It is also one of the biggest party days in this city.
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Learn about the Vikings
Delve deep into Vikings history through the many tours that take you across the important Vikings spots such as the Fishamble street, The Steine and other places spread throughout Dublin. You can even become a Viking for an hour or two when you take any of the fun Viking Splash tours.
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Natural scenery
Ireland has some of the best scenic spots in all of Europe. Whether you like cliffs, beaches, walking trails, mountains, hiking or forests - Dublin has it all for you.
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Historic monuments
Dublin abounds with many historic monuments such as the Liffey Bridge built in 1816, Abbey Theater, castles and more. Each of these monuments provide a glimpse into the rich and fascinating Irish history.
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Whether you are looking for amazing landscapes, history lessons or just a fun trip with your friends, Dublin has it all.


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