10 Movies Every Traveller Should Watch

Movies are, in some ways, a reflection of the society we live in and revolves around every facet of our life including travel. There are many movies that inspire you to travel to new destinations, and our top ten list in this regard are:
10: Into the Wild
This movie is about an Emory University graduate who abandons all his possessions to travel to the Alaskan wilderness. This movie truly inspires people to explore a life of wilderness in some of the remotest corners of the world.
 1 Just Like Heaven
9: Wild
In this movie, Reese Witherspoon decides to do a 1,100-mile hike alone after the loss of her mother. It shows the beauty of the Pacific Crest Trail as it winds through dusty plains, snowy mountains and dense forests.
 2 Rodel Flordeliz
8: Tracks
This is a must-watch movie for those who are curious about Western Australian landscape. In this movie, a young woman treks through the 1,700-mile wilderness with just her dog and four camels.
 3 canburak
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7: The Darjeeling Limited
See this movie to get a glimpse of the Himalayas, Indian Railways, Jodhpur temples and the scenic hill-station of Darjeeling in Eastern India. This whacky movie depicts the healing and rejuvenation process of three brothers who decide to travel together after the death of their father.
 4 Amber-Rae Orchard
6: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
This movie is a tribute to the adventurous spirit that lives in each of us. Join Ben Stiller as he embarks on a world journey to some of the most exotic places in the world.
 5 canburak
Source: canburak
5: Out of Africa
Want to see the wild side of Africa? Watch Out of Africa as it takes you through Ngong Hills, Shaba National Reserve, African Savannah and the wilderness of Kenya.
 6 Florent Le Mens
4: The Endless Summer
This is the perfect movie for those who love to surf, as the director Bruce Brown takes you across some of the best surfing spots in the world such as Hawaii, New Zealand and South Africa.
 7 Chi
Source: Chi
3: The Art of Travel
When wedding plans fail, a high school graduate decides to go alone on his honeymoon to Central America. As he wanders through the lush rainforests of Central and South America, he learns amazing things about himself and the world around him.
 8 ceremassas
Source: ceremassas
2: Hit the Road: India
This movie shows every aspect of the Indian way of life, as you get to travel with two friends who decide to be a part of an auto rickshaw rally from Mumbai to Chennai.
 9 Rickshaw Challenge
1: Eat Pray Love
Travel with Julia Roberts as she eats in Italy, prays in India and finds love in Bali. This movie showcases the transformation from a painful divorce to a journey of self-discovery and inner peace.
 10 Sony Pictures
Source: Sony Pictures
The above movies go to show how travel can soothe you and help you discover yourself. We hope this list rekindles your spirit of adventure and enthuses you to make that trip you've always wanted.


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