5 Things to Do in Bahrain

Bahrain has been a part of the ancient trade route, and this is reflected in all aspects of life even today. This chain of 30 islands offers much to see for visitors, and the best place to start is from its capital city Manama. So, it is no surprise that there are many flights to Bahrain to take visitors to this mesmerising country.
Here are five things to do in Bahrain that we think will excite you the most:
For shopaholics, the Manama Souq is the place to go. The experience of seeing thousands of electronic items, gold jewellery, spices, sheesha bottles and more can be exciting, to say the least. It’s also a great way to mingle with the locals, pick up a few phrases and become acquainted with local customs. This souq is open from Saturday to Thursday, and after prayers on Friday evening.
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Al-Fatih Mosque
If you've always wanted to go to a mosque, head to this National mosque. It is open to everyone, and gives visitors a rare insight into the religious practices and beliefs of Islam. The many informative guides here are sure to make your trip to this mosque a unique experience.
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Tree of Life
The attraction here is a mesquite tree that stands in the middle of the desert, and yet is evergreen all through the year. This mystery tree has baffled scientists world over!
Also, getting to this tree from the city is a good trekking experience.
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Dilmun burial mounds
These burial grounds are almost 4000 years old, making it the largest prehistoric ancient burial spot in the world. Each of these burial spots are the size of a small house, and there are more than 350,000 burial mounds here. Many artifacts have also been unearthed from here, and this makes it an exciting stop in Bahrain.
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Fort Bahrain
This UNESCO World Heritage site is a remnant of the times when Bahrain was colonised by the Portuguese. Today, you can climb it to get some breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding areas. There are also Sumerian writings around the fort for you to explore too.
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For an avid traveller, Bahrain offers a unique travel experience, and we hope you get to do the above things.


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