5 Best Cities to Visit in Southern Italy

The true beauty of Italy lies in its south, so it is no wonder that it’s often referred to as the soul of Italy. It is also the region where you can get a glimpse of the rich culture, ancient ruins and the slow pace of life that is sure to make you come back for more. Here are our favourites:
Sicily has been in the crossroads of ancient trade and culture for 3,000 years, and this is reflected in its diverse culture, food and architecture. All these aspects are best enjoyed in its capital city of Palermo that offers a colourful street life and bustling markets, to give you the best of Mediterranean life. Due to the popularity of this place, many airlines operate flights to Palermo.
 1 Simone Cento
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The city of Positano sits in the scenic Amalfi Coast of southern Italy. Its cliffs and the picturesque village dotting along the cliffs make for an awesome backdrop for a photo or two. A unique aspect of this city is that it is built vertically on a cliff, and is well-known for its stairs and pastel-coloured houses. To get here, take a flight to Naples and then a boat or bus.
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Another beautiful, and yet a relatively obscure destination is the city of Trani. Dating back to the 9th century, this city continues to have many areas that can be related to the medieval times. A beautiful cathedral, Gothic Palace of the Doges of Venice, a harbour and the Scolanova Synagogue are other places of interest here. To get here, take a flight to Bari and the local bus from there.
 3 Eric Bauer
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Naples is the largest city in southern Italy, and has some of the most interesting sights too. This city is where pizzas originated, so its little surprise that this particular dish is divine. Besides pizza, you will find a lot of terra cotta figurines, artisan workshops, castles and more.
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Another southern Italalian city that is a must-see for any architecture-lover, is Matera. Its fascinating Sassi District dates from the 13th century, and is a UNESCO World heritage site. Since this city is obscure, it is best to take flights to Milan, and from there arrange local transportation to get here.
 5 Francesco la ragione
So have you decided which city you are going to visit next?


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