5 Reasons to Visit the Seychelles


The Seychelles is one of the finest destinations to visitin the world and you’ll see for yourself from the very moment you step foot on this beautiful island-country. The topaz seas have luscious views of surrounding flora and fauna making it an idyllic destination.You will be enveloped by vast greenery, boat excursions, coastal walks, snorkelling opportunities and a vibrant night life.

With so much to do,the exciting part is deciding on how your journey will begin, the routes to take and what you are going to do to savour every moment in any of Seychelles’ islands.

1.      Sail the Archipelago- It is in Seychelles that you are going to find the finest archipelago in the world. Little wonder, we find people from different parts of the world coming here for their vacations.
2.      Unwind- Seychelles gives you avenues to unwind with its numerous attraction sites. Newly-weds will love this place because it combines romance with tourism.
3.      Relax in Exotic Hotels- Accommodation is something that you need to plan before your arrival. There are some luxury hotels that will completely pamper you in the Seychelles. From villas with private pools, to cottages on the beach, a stay at Seychelles perfectly defines ‘divine’.
4.      Throw the tight lines in the waters- Fishing is allowed and you will definitely love the calmness of the water.
5.      Take the plunge- Divers are always around to explore the different coral reefs in Seychelles.
You may think of extending your holiday in Seychelles. Not to worry, there is no dull moment for you with animal safari experience close by. With Kenya, less than three hours from Seychelles, you can do a cross country for more exciting adventures. India is also close leaving to choose the countries to visit and still come back to Seychelles at the end of the day.You can visit the Vellee de Mai, which is a UNESCO site, the Aldabra Atoll which is the largest coral in the world, play different games and have a great time with the locals.This sums up as a perfect holiday, doesn’t it?
We are not done yet because the islands of La Digue, Mahe and Praslin are here for you to explore them. Wait no more, book a flight to Seychelles, today.


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