4 not-so-popular cities in Europe which must be on your travel list


There are some extraordinary destinations in Europe that are very popular with tourists for their scenery, shopping, museums, history and atmosphere. However, Europe is also home to numerous other enchanting hidden treasures. If you are planning to take your next vacation to Europe, here is a selection of some of the finest unknown cities in Europe you should consider before booking that flight.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
There is no other city in Europe that is more quaint and charming than Cesky Krumlov. Located in southern Bohemia, this fairytale-like town is perfect for holiday makers who want something off the beaten track. The atmosphere brings the feel of stepping into a time warp, with small cobblestone roads and bridges everywhere you look around the town. The best time to take a vacation to Cesky Kumlovis is in summer, because you can enjoy a relaxing boat ride down the magnificent Vlatvy River. It’s also a short road trip away from Prague, so you don’t have to worry about connecting flights.


Hallstatt, Austria
The lakeside city of Hallstatt has been dubbed as the prettiest lakeside town in the world. This UNESCO world heritage site is always charming whether you visit during summer or winter time. While on vacation here, you will fall in love with what will always be one of the most spectacular small towns in Europe. There are direct flights from major airports in China and getting to Hallstatt from Austria’s main airport in Vienna is a short day trip away.

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Bled, Slovenia
There is so much that Bled has to offer. While there are lots of things to do and see in Bled, the greatest attraction for most people on vacation here is Lake Bled. Lake Bled has been dubbed the most stunning lake in the world and is one of the most popular attractions for visitors to Slovenia. It enjoys immense natural beauty and some of the most alluring natural resorts. It is also renowned for its mild, healing climate. The beauty of the surrounding mountains reflected on Lake Bled, the serenity of the atmosphere and the fresh air will undoubtedly arouse a pleasant feeling in any visitor looking for an ideal place for a relaxing vacation or an active holiday.


If you are looking for some not-so-popular cities in Europe to include in your vacation itinerary, then Prague is one of the cities you cannot miss. When you glance over the city’s 1,100 years old skyline, you will be rewarded with endless splendid views of soaring ancient towers and beautiful domed churches that combine to make the city one of Europe’s rare architectural gems. Besides the splendid architecture, Prague has numerous other attractions for nature, cultural and history lovers.
A vacation in Prague will be a cherished memory


Visit these places, and we bet that your vacation to Europe will be the best you’ve ever had.


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