10 Awesome Beach Holidays


It has taken days, weeks and several months for you to plan which country has the most beautiful and exemplary beaches. If you are looking for the perfect beach holiday destination, this list will definitely help you plan your next vacation.
1.      Kumejima Island, Japan
Though Japan is often associated with cutting edge technology and traditions, it also has some beautiful natural spots like Kumejima Island.This relatively unknown island is well known for its calm beaches and pristine white sand that offers you ample opportunities for some quality time with your loved ones.

Photo by Okinawa, Kumejima Island


2.      AnseBoudin Island beach, Seychelles
Seychelles abounds with long beaches and soft sand, and the queen of it is AnseBoudin Island beach. This calm beach is perfect for swimming and snorkelling, thereby making it an ideal family destination. While here, don't miss on the coconut drink tasting experience.

Courtesy of tourist link
3.     Khalouf Beach, Muscat, Oman
Khalouf Beach is located in the southern part of Muscat, Oman. Its backdrop of soaring dunesmakes it an ideal spot for camping as well. The flickering lanterns and a low-slung chaise lounge will leave you feeling like royalty.

Photo by Halaltrip Guide
4.     Perissa Beach, Santorini, Greece
Perissa beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Santorin, Greece. The unique charm of this beach is sure to transport you to a different world devoid of stress and pain.

5.     Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi in Kenya is full of surprises for any visitor.It is not just the safaris and wildlife that attract millions of people, but also its breath-taking beaches. In fact,it is home to East Africa’s greatest beaches and is best known as the Indian Ocean Gateway. As theblue water laps against the fine white sand, the entire scenery feels like a painting and gives you a surreal experience altogether.
6.     Belgian Beach, Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgiumhas excellent beach destinations, with the most popular one being the Belgian beach. If you love the colourful marine life, then Belgian beach is the perfect vacation for you.

Courtesy of Corina Mistresu

7.     Maresias Beach, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Maresias Beach is located in Sao Sebastiao in Sao Paulo estate. It is the best place for splashing and surfing in wild waves,with a curve stretching into the sand. If you want to explore splashing tournaments, Maresias beach is the place for you.

Courtesy of Trip Advisor
8.     Atlantic Beach, California
Atlantic beach at Fort Macon, in North California, is one of the finest beach destinations for a holiday. Itswide array of shells and waves entertain travellers of all ages.

Courtesy by Trip Advisor

9.     Alberche Beach, Madrid
Alberche beach is a unique riverside beach in Madrid whereyou can swim, rent boats and even plan a picnic. In fact, it is a perfect location for an unplanned day trip out of the city.

Courtesy of Familia

10.Fanjove Beach, Tanzania
Fanjove beach is a natural paradise.Located in Tanzania,this beach offers exciting views that overlook the reefs andpalms. The simplicity of this place justadds to its charm.

Courtesy of Fanjove Island

Beach holidays are always fun, but only choosing the right location can turn it into a perfect holiday.


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