6 Reasons Why Berlin Should Be Your Next holiday Destination


The festive season is fast approaching, and if you are still trying to make up your mind on where to visit for your vacation, you just landed at the right spot. Whether you are thinking of going for the perfect family getaway, a romantic trip with your loved one, or a trip with your close friend, here are top 6 reasons why holiday makers from China are choosing Berlin for their next holiday.

Fantastic hotels
One of the top reasons why you should book flights to Berlin, Germany is that it boasts numerous 5-star hotels to suit your every need. From traditional established hotels to small artsy establishments, you can be sure to find a perfect place to rest after a busy day touring the city’s awesome attractions.


Awesome restaurants
Berlin has established itself as one of the best cities in Europe for dining, with restaurants offering different cuisines from all over the world. From vibrant and colourful local eateries to restaurants that are run by some of the best chefs in Europe, the city has something for all budgets and tastes.

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Art galleries
If you are an art lover, you can be sure that there will be no shortage of things to explore in Berlin’s art arena. With Germany’s long and rich history, Berlin has over 300 art galleries; you cannot run out of places to visit in the city’s art world. You can also explore numerous other smaller private galleries around the city.


One of the most intriguing reasons why your next flight from China should be headed to Germany is the country’s rich history. No other city has such an interesting 20th century European history than Berlin. The city has a history that spans from as early as the pre-WW I period through the rise of the Nazis, to WW II, the Cold War and the modern rejuvenation of Germany. The streets of Berlin are teeming with awesome stories that will fascinate any history enthusiast.


The Opera
If you truly love classical music, Berlin should definitely be on your list of must-visit cities in Europe. Berlin is home to one of the best orchestras in the world. With three huge opera houses, classical music enthusiasts have several options to select from while on a visit to Berlin.


Lakes and parks
If you love nature and the reat outdoors while on holiday, Berlin is perfect for you. You can choose from playing table tennis at the Tiergarten or take a bike ride to the Soviet War memorial at Treptower Park. Alternatively, you can head to the ‘Devil’s Mountain’ ruin at the Grunewald, a former U.S. listening station. In the summer months, you can also head to one of several beautiful lakes around Berlin for a refreshing swim.


Treat yourself this festive season and visit Berlin. There are many attractions and fascinating views that will make you love the city.


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