5 Perfect Trips to The Mountains

Lofty snow-covered peaks, thrilling biking and hiking trails, varying landscapes and the surrounding serenity - do you need more reasons to visit the mountains?
Here's what we think are the five best mountain trips you can take.
South Tyrol, Italy
This small town in the northern part of Italy offers breathtaking views of the surrounding Dolomite Mountains. It is also one of the least-crowded choices, so the peace and serenity that you find here is truly unmatched. Bubbling springs, natural forests and a 13th century church makes it a perfect romantic getaway too.
To get here, take a flight to Milan and a local bus from the airport.
 1 Ostseeleuchte
Source: Ostseeleuchte
Chambery, France
The French city of Chambery is located in the Rhone-Alps region of southeastern France. This historic city offers views of the surrounding French Alps, and is the entry-point for visitors looking to ski in these mountains. A fortress built in 1285, the elephant fountain and the Cistercian Abbey of Hautecombe founded in 1135 are other attractions here.
To reach Chambery, take a flight to Milan and take the Eurorail, or a flight to Paris and the local train.
2 David Biggins
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Silvaplana, Switzerland
Surrounded by the scenic Lake Silvaplana and pristine mountains, Silvaplana has become a recreational hotspot for sports lovers. A panoramic view of the Corvatsch mountains adds to Silvaplana's appeal. This is the perfect spot for wind and kite surfing, sailing, boating, hiking and mountain biking during summer; and snowkiting, skiing, snowshoeing and ice-skating during winter.
To get to Silvaplana, take a flight to Munich and local transportation from there.
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Lake Placid, New York
Lake Placed is a scenic village located amidst the beautiful Adirondack mountains in New York. It is one of the best places for summer and winter fun, and the many activities here make your trip a truly memorable one. Additionally, the local cuisine is simply one of the best in this region.
Take a flight to New York City and rent a car to reach Lake Placid.
4 Roaming the World
Bavaria, Germany
No discussion on mountains is complete without the stunning Bavarian Alps in Germany. Located in the remote southeast corner of Germany, this region is surrounded by mountains and filled with frescoed villages that offer ample activities for visitors.
To reach Bavaria, take a flight to Munich and the local train.
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Take a flight to these beautiful mountains today, for a memorable trip.


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