5 of The World's Best Party Destinations

Exotic places, wild crowds, loud music and unlimited fun - sounds exciting? Well, we have compiled a list of the best party destinations around the world, just for you.

Whether you like clubs, pubs, jazz shows or street festivals, there are ample opportunities in each of these destinations to meet other party-lovers and let yourself loose.

Berlin, Germany
Germans truly know how to party, as nightlife just never stops here. With beach bars, beer gardens and some of the craziest pubs and clubs, you can party all through the night and well into early morning. This enjoyable culture of this vibrant city attracts visitors from all over the world, so it's no surprise that airlines have flights to Berlin every day.
 1 Jens Kraemer
Source: Jens Kraemer

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Did you know Amsterdam has a wild clubbing culture that extends beyond just the coffee shops? If you didn't know, then its time to take a flight to Amsterdam today.

While here, explore the many beach parties, clubs, boat parties and private parties that happen all through the week.
 2 Lena Khachina
Source: Lena Khachina

Dublin, Ireland
Where better to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than Dublin? With parades, loud music and tons of people, Dublin is the place to be if you want to truly enjoy this Irish holiday. Make sure to book yourself on a flight to Dublin in advance to get the best deal for your trip.  
 3 Lendog64
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Munich, Germany
What's partying without a visit to the Oktoberfest in Munich? This 16-day festival features some of the best beer and German food, bringing in more than six million visitors annually. To be a part of these festivities, book hotels and flights to Berlin well ahead of your trip.
 4 C N
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New York, USA
New York is home to some of the hottest dance clubs in the world, and the sheer variety you get here is unmatched. No wonder party-lovers world over take a flight to New York to enjoy its clubbing scene. Friendly strangers, queer culture, musical diversity, roaming parties and warehouse raves are other reasons to party here.
 5 Todd Pangilinan
Before travelling to these destinations, make sure to check for carnivals and other fun events to double your fun.


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