Seasonal Holiday Calendar

Life is an adventure, filled with exotic travels, pleasant memories and cultural experiences. Regardless of where you live and what you like, there is always something to do in foreign lands, especially during their respective seasonal holidays.

Here are some destinations that we believe would give you such unique experiences and memories.

Winter in Paris, France
Snow fall is a magical time in Paris, as the Eiffel Tower and all other attractions are painted white, thereby making it a sight to behold. No wonder, tourists flock to France from November all the way through December and January to catch a glimpse of their favorite architectural pieces covered in snow. For those who love Christmas, the pretty decorations dotting the city will make you fall in love with it even before you step out of the Charles De Gaulle International Airport. The abundant availability of daily flights to Paris adds an extra touch to this place's charm as a perfect destination.
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Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
Munich is home to the most-loved Oktoberfest, a 16-day folk festival that takes place from mid or late September to the first week of October every year. During this time, you can see parades, the ferris wheel, the Stiftl Tent, Brewery displays, tons of food and of course, beer that flows like "liquid gold" through the entire festival. Such a relaxed atmosphere during the Oktoberfest gives you a whole new feel to Munich, which is otherwise known for its busy life. Also, with more than six million people attending this festival, there is no dearth of flights to Munich.
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The Carnival at Sao Paulo, Brazil
If you are in a mood for crazy parties, just take a flight to Sao Paulo in Brazil to attend their annual Carnival that takes place 40 days before Easter. Though it is less crazy and crowded than the Carnival at Rio de Janeiro, it nevertheless gives you a glimpse into Brazilian culture and its most famous Samba dance. Exotic parades, costumes, food, fun and relatively less-crowded streets make the Carnival at Sao Paulo a truly enjoyable experience.
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Have you visited these seasonal holidays? Do you have any favourties? Take a trip to these top holiday destinations this year.


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