Business Trip Travel Essentials

Zipping through cities within and outside China, hopping from one boardroom to another and sealing lucrative deals with your clients sound undoubtedly glamorous, but it also means you have to live off just your travel bags. Such a hectic lifestyle warrants you to have all the travel essentials in place if you have to look presentable while keeping your luggage light.

To help you through such a paradox, we have put together a list of business trip travel essentials that are sure to make your trips more comfortable.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

It is a good idea to use your own Wi-Fi hotspot to not only avoid paying the sky-rocket prices of airport Wi-Fi, but also to give you greater connectivity, regardless of where you go. It can even be used to connect multiple devices to a mobile network, to give you more flexibility when you are travelling with a partner or colleague.

 1 Wi-Fi Hotspot

Power Adapter Kit

A power adapter kit becomes an absolute essential for international travellers as electrical systems and sockets differ between countries like China and the US. You can use this adapter to safely charge a wide range of equipment, so as to avoid battery drains during critical situations.

 2 Power Adapter Kit

Concealed Wallet

The last thing you want is to lose your credit card, money and important documents during a trip as getting them replaced can be frustrating and time-consuming, to say the least. To avoid such accidental loss, invest in a good theft-proof travel wallet. Also, have a scanned copy of your passport, visa, driver's license and any other document readily in your smartphone or laptop for easy access when needed.

 3 Concealed Wallet

Smartphone Apps

The mobile app world is exploding, so you have plenty of choices to make life more comfortable during your travels. One such app that is popular among executives is Passbook, as it helps you to stay on top of your paper trail and receipts. Another good app that helps to track your expenses is

 4 Smartphone Apps

Pack Only Your Essentials

An integral part of frequent travel is to know what not to pack. Most hotels have hairdryers, hygiene products and other essentials, so avoid carrying them unless you are specific about using a particular brand. It's also a good idea to carry a small first aid kit in case you may need it.

 5 Pack Only Your Essentials

Travel light without compromising on your comfort so that you can be at your best in client interactions.


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