Packing List - Essentials For A Trip to Manchester

Manchester is a relatively unknown tourist destination that offers excellent nightlife, restaurants including the famous "Curry Mile" and is of course, the home of Manchester City Football Club. Regardless of your interest, you will find something interesting to do here, and this is why Manchester is seeing an increase in the number of visitors. Many airline companies are also warming up to this trend, and have increased the number of flights to Manchester.
As a traveller, there are some essentials you need to pack for a comfortable stay at Manchester.
Raincoat and umbrella
It rains more than a millimetre on an average of 140 days a year, with another 140 or more being days that rain, but not up to a millimetre. In short, you are highly likely to get drenched, regardless of when you travel. So, be armed with a raincoat and umbrella always to avoid getting drenched unawares.
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Comfortable footwear
A good way to see Manchester is by walk and public transport. Most visitors take the tram as it is convenient, cheap and gives you a new experience. However, you will have to walk to truly explore the place, so make sure you wear or carry a comfortable pair of shoes that will last through your entire trip.
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Travel documents
As with any trip, make sure to carry your travel documents that include your passport, visa and return tickets. Sometimes, you will be asked about your travel plans, so make sure you have receipt of the hotel and your itinerary on hand. Citizens of some countries have visa waiver, which means they do not need a visa to enter the UK. Check if you come under this category before travel.
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First aid essentials
First aid essentials are a must when you travel, as you can expect anything from stomach bugs to band-aids during your trip. Though Manchester is an easy place to live, carry the essential first-aid items for an immediate emergency.
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Manchester is an unchallenging destination as everyone speaks English, water is safe to drink, you don't need special immunisations and you can walk your way through the city. However, the above items can further enhance your travel experience, and make your stay more comfortable.


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