5 Airport Hacks for a Smooth Travel

When you hear the word "airport hacks", don't panic, because you're not going to do anything illegal. It is just a term used to make it easier for you to travel out of your destination.
While there are many airport hacks used by frequent travellers, our top five picks are:
Cheap Parking
One of the biggest hassles of travelling is finding parking space for your car. To get around this hassle, plan ahead of time and research online for discount sites that provide parking at a fraction of what it costs when you pay directly at the airport. Promo codes and coupons also help you to save money on airport parking.
Also, it is a good idea to take a picture of your parking spot to easily navigate to it when you come back.
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Find the best seats
Many of us have seating preferences in flights, and there are websites that help you pick the best seats on an airline before you book your ticket. For example, if you want a seat near a power outlet or if you love legroom, then browse through these sites to pick the seats you want.
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Move everything to carry-on bags
When you carry things like jewellery and loose coins in your pocket, you are simply delaying the security process. Instead, transfer everything to your carry-on bag before you enter the security zone, so you can move through the security queue faster.
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Weigh at home
One of the worst things that can happen during travel is to repack your luggage at the airport just because it weighs a little more than the limit. This experience can even ruin your entire travel mood, and you are more likely to start off on a sour note. To avoid this unpleasant experience, weigh your bags at home or on your way to airport so that you can keep the extra things at home or in your car.
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Save money on food
Airport food and drinks can be prohibitively expensive, so make sure you pack dry snacks to eat while you wait for your flights. This way, you can save some money on food. Even for water, take an empty bottle and fill it with water after you cross the security check.
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We hope these hacks save time for you during your next trip.


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