5 Tips To Selecting The Best Dry Cleaner And Laundry Company In Toronto ON


Hi, my name is Talal, Dry Cleaner and Laundry specialist at Simply Laundry Inc. This month’s article focuses on5 essential tips to select the best dry cleaning company in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

Whether you are a university student in Toronto that needs to spend the weekend studying or a parent that wants to spend more time with your kids, having your laundry or dry cleaning taken care of by a professional dry cleaning and laundry saves you a lot of time and energy. Instead of taking the entire day to wash, dry, and fold all of your clothes you can have it done professionally, for instance by Simply Laundry team while you take care of more important things.

With so many different dry cleaning and laundry companies to choose from in the Toronto, downtown and GTA, though, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming at first. To help you find the best service in the region, here are 5 tips to selecting the best dry cleanerin downtown Toronto ON:

1.     When Can They Pick Up Your Clothes?
One of the major deciding factors when choosing a laundry service is how they handle pick-ups and deliveries. If they have specific routes and are only in your area at a certain time of day it can be really inconvenient—and sometimes impossible—to match their schedule. Try to find a dry cleaning service that not only has pick-ups available around the clock but can also work on a specific schedule so you can let them know when you will be available ahead of time.

2.     Do They Charge Extra For Pick Up and Drop Off?

Unfortunately there are many laundry companies that are not extremely upfront about all of their costs. In addition to the standard fees they may charge additional for picking up your clothes and dropping them back off. Make sure you know what they charge beforehand. Finding a laundry service that provides pick up and drop off in the Toronto area for free is preferred, but this may come with a minimum order size.

3.     What Type Of Detergents Do They Use?

Taking care of the environment to make the world a better place tomorrow than it is today is very important. Choosing an eco-friendly laundry service that takes pride in the products they use not only ensures you get your laundry washed and taken care of professionally but it means you are doing your part to help the environment every step of the way.

4.     How Affordable Are They?

Price should be an obvious concern when it comes to choosing a laundry or dry cleaning service. While rates will fluctuate depending on the type of service you need (dry cleaning will be priced differently than having ordinary washing and hanging), try to find a company that offers their prices up front. Nothing feels worse than paying to have your laundry done and then receiving an additional bill to pick up the clothes or have them delivered because of unadvertised fees. Some services offer rewards programs that you can sign up for. This helps drive down costs even further so don’t forget to ask about loyalty points when choosing a service provider. 

5.     Is It Easy To Get In Touch With Customer Service?

Sometimes things come up and you may need to get in touch with your dry cleaner or laundry service—you may need to change how you want a specific item pressed, you could have to alter the delivery time, or you might just want to follow up on your clothes. When those situations come up, knowing you are using a service with quality customer support is important and can keep you at ease, especially fi you are worrying about a specific set of clothes being ready on time.

Consider Simply Laundry For Your Laundry Or Dry Cleaning Needs

With these five helpful tips above hopefully, you can have a better idea about the decision you want to make when choosing your dry cleaner in Toronto.  Whether you need laundry services or dry cleaning in the Toronto ON area, you will be in good hands with Simply Laundry.

With years of experience providing laundry services throughout Toronto, we pride ourselves on our free pick-ups and returns, eco-friendly products, and affordable rates. If you are looking for a dry cleaning or laundry company, contact us today through the web.

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