5 Creative Ways to Plan a Budget Trip

A budget trip is a great way to explore a place as it helps you to prioritise your finances towards the best sights and activities that interest you the most. Though it entails much planning, it opens a whole new perspective about travel, and even about life!

However, a budget travel does not necessarily mean counting your money all the time. On the contrary, it is time to let yourself loose so that you can fully experience the beauty, culture and history of your destination. Here are some creative ways to make the most of your budget trips.

Travel incentives
Get an extra mile for every buck through travel loyalty schemes, credit card rewards, airline frequent flier programs and hotel discounts. Before travelling, check all possible programs to see which ones give you the best value.
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Source:  Mighty Travels
Visa application and processing can be quite time-consuming, and may even be a drain on your financial resources. You can either factor in these costs and plan for it ahead of time, or choose destinations that do not require you to go through a visa application process. While choosing such visa-free destinations, also ensure that there are enough flights for a comfortable travel.
 2 Mark Liddell
Source: Mark Liddell
Travel grants
If you are travelling for professional, educational or research purposes, you have a chance to qualify for travel grants. Though these grants may not fund your entire trip, it will reduce some of your expenses. 
If you are going on a volunteer vacation, you can collect funds from local churches, community organizations and NGOs to fund a part of your trip.
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Source: Paul Murray
Travel in your own backyard
Have you seen all places of interest in your city or region? Most likely not because we tend to dream of far-away exotic locations but miss out the simple pleasures in our backyard. Maybe it is time to explore your own region and do the things that you've never done before.
 4 Ron Mader
Source: Ron Mader
A good way to save money is to camp in national parks, as camping fees are a lot less than hotel room rates. Also, you get to enjoy the outdoors and be closer to nature.
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We hope these suggestions enhance your budget travel experience.


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