10 Destinations For First Time Backpackers

Backpacking is an art by itself as you have to fit all your belongings in just one bag, and travel on a strict budget. However, travelling the world this way opens up a world of different perspectives as you focus on your destination and all the experiences each place has to offers.
If you are a first-time backpacker, we have some interesting destinations lined up for you:
10: Paris
While this is not the cheapest destination to visit, the presence of abundant flights to Paris make it a convenient location for backpackers. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre and the smell of fresh croissants and coffee in the morning are only a few of the great reasons to travel to Paris.
 1 Danny VB
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9: London
London is one of the largest cities in Europe, and also one that offers a multicultural and historic travel experience, where the many monuments, castles and towers speak volumes about its rich history. You can find flights to London from every major city in the world, and this flexibility only adds to its existing charm.
 2 dorinser
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8: Istanbul
Istanbul is truly a blend of the East and West, thereby giving you an experience of a lifetime. Umpteen flights to Istanbul coupled with the falling value of the Turkish Lira make it an attractive choice for first-time backpackers.
 3 Pilar Azana Talan
7: Manchester
Fan of Manchester City Football Club? Then, head to its home! It is a good choice for budget backpackers as flights to Manchester tend to be on a discount many times. Also, you get to enjoy museums and English architectural sights for a lot less money than London.
 4 Eddie Miller
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6: Sao Paulo
This urban paradise with its hip hangouts, friendly locals, crazy parties and beautiful natural surroundings is becoming an increasingly popular destination for backpackers. No wonder all major airlines have flights to Sao Paulo.
 5 Diojenes Araujo
5: Seychelles
Though not the cheapest choice, its pristine beaches and untouched islands make it an ideal location for backpackers. Availability of flights to Seychelles also make it a convenient destination for first-time backpackers.
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4: Dublin
A vibrant nightlife, breathtaking beauty, abundant flights to Dublin and cheap costs beckon backpackers to this emerald isle.
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3: Frankfurt
Frankfurt is the perfect blend of modernism and classicism, with its state-of-the-art transport facilities combined with historic structures and museums. Since it is the economic and business center of continental Europe, there are flights to Frankfurt from almost anywhere in the world.
 8 Barnyz
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2: Munich
Another German city that provides much entertainment in a backpacker's budget is Munich. Between the historic museums, beer gardens and Bavarian countryside, you have tons to see and do. No wonder all major airlines have flights to Munich to make it convenient for backpackers to get here.  
 9 Gionni Bravo
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1: Madrid
Madrid is a popular choice for backpackers, thanks to its world-class museums, stunning buildings and city squares and an amazing nightlife. Also, it is cheap and there are many flights to Madrid from different parts of the world.
 10 Jose Maria Cuellar
So where will you go backpacking next?


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