Water Heaters India


Venus Home Appliances is a leading manufacturer of storage electrical water heaters in India. We are manufacturers of Venus Water Heaters for more than 50 years is a market leader and pioneer in the Water Heater industry. Venus is one of the leading brands of water heaters in India and stands for Quality, Reliability and Performance.

Venus today is a most successful solar water heater Manufacturer Electric Water Heater and storage water heaters in India. We have specially designed heat pump water heaters. We have a wide range of energy efficient water heaters in India like Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater, Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater, High Temperature Heat Pump, Swimming Pool Heat Pump, Water Heater Service Centre, How to choose the right Water Heater, Porcelain Enamel Glass Lined Water Heater  and Vitreous Enamel water Heater. We supply instant Electric Water Heaters, storage water heaters, solar water heaters, gas water heaters and heat pump water heaters. Water heaters are available in different capacities and also both in vertical and horizontal models.

We understand individual customer requirements and helps them to decide on how to buy a water heater which can specifically meet their requirements. Quality has always been the driving force for the company. The company is committed to providing customers with products of quality and reliability with continued efforts to innovate and improve on the existing products to suit the needs of the customers. The company strongly stands for values such as Ethics, Honesty and Integrity.

Venus is the first water heater company in India to be awarded the prestigious ISI certification for its range of Electric Water Heaters with vitreous enamel tanks. We guarantee safety and  assurance of quality.


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