Selecting The Right Necklace Length For You

If you want to avoid the mistake of buying the wrong necklace that does not flatter you or does not work with your overall wardrobe, this guide on choosing the right necklace length for you would be of great help to you.

Here is some information about the different types of necklaces:

Collar necklaces (14 inches): These necklaces are placed tightly around the neck. Collar necklaces are worn best with V-necks, off-the-shoulder, scoop necks, and boat necks.

Choker necklaces (16 inches): These necklaces are placed tightly against base of the throat and go with almost everything.

Princess necklaces (18 inches): The princess necklace is placed on the collarbone and can be worn with almost everything.

Matinee necklaces (20 to 24 inches): Matinee necklaces are placed between the collarbone and the bust and are ideal for casual and business wear.

Opera necklaces (28 to 36 inches): These necklaces are placed on the bust or an inch or two below and are best worn with evening wear or high necklines.

Rope necklaces (36 to 42 inches): These types of necklaces are best wrapped to sit on or just placed below the center of the bust and are best for evening and elegant business wear.

Make sure that you get enough options to choose from before you make the final decision. After all, the special one in your life deserves nothing but the very best. You may find yourself confused but this guide on different types of necklaces would be of great use when you are choosing from a wide range of necklaces such as custom necklaces and engraved necklace. It is equally important that you carefully read and understand terms and conditions associated with the purchase before making the final decision. Remember, it is always better to stay informed than to regret later and this can only be achieved when you shop from a trusted seller of premium quality necklaces.


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