Highly Efficient Non-toxic Cleaner, Derived by Nature, Perfected by Science

AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner is a biodegradable animal care product that can be used in places associated with keeping and maintaining livestock. It is highly recommended for zoological, veterinarian, and general farm usage. It is a high efficient non-toxic cleaner and functions as an antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungicidal product. It is used for treating diseases and injuries, and also as a general cleaner for pens, machinery, vehicles, equipment, and stables.

AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner is a special wash for animals. The product is bio-based, non-toxic, and non-hazardous as it does not contain any chemicals or substance that could harm humans or animals. It is made from plant extracts such as corn, palm oil, grains, soyabeans, and potatoes. It is very effective for mosquito bites and provides immediate relief from ticks, fleas, no-see-ums, and gnats. Besides eliminating bacterial and fungal infections, it also speeds up the healing process.

A large number of users of the product have benefited from it. It has proved to be effective in the treatment of cracked heel, cuts, dew poisoning, equine scratches, grease heel, lice, mange, nicks, rain rot, parasites, mud fever, thrush, wounds, yeast, scratches, foot root, and many more infections.

One of the important reasons for the popularity of AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner is its application. Besides being an animal wash, it is also used for washing or cleaning of trucks, cars, pails, fly mask, saddle pads, horse blankets, tractors, bedding, and so on.

Clears Massive Oil Spills

AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner also helps to clear off environmental damages that are caused due to massive oil spills. The product has the capacity to consume hydrocarbons. This aspect makes it work as a detoxifier.

AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner offers an environmental friendly and unique technology to clean up fuel and oil spill, oil remediation, general cleaning, vapor suppression, and degreasing applications. This product does not require any special equipment for application. Even fire hoses and hand pumps can be used to apply the product.

Use in Sanitation Industry:

Several aspects of AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner makes it a suitable product for janitorial and sanitation market. Though the product was originally manufactured for heavy duty cleaning, it has slowly evolved into a non-toxic, non-hazardous replacement to several chemical based cleaning products currently available in the market. It has the unique ability to emulsify hydrocarbons and remove stains. AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner has become a one stop solution for all cleaning requirements of establishments such as schools, office buildings, and so on. It also acts as a disinfectant and sanitizer due to its antimicrobial properties.

Some of the instances where AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner can be used to replace hydrocarbon based chemicals are aircraft and metal cleaner, ink remover, mastic remover, disinfectant, fruit and vegerable wash, and drain cleaner.

AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner has a huge scope in manufacturing sector also. It can replace the petro chemical based products that are used for cleaning and completes the intended job quicker, better, and much cheaper.

The scope of AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner in industry is endless. It can be used in metal processing, waste water treatment, dust palliative, and even mold elimination. All these uses and features of AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner make it an indispensable product!!

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