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When I had a first look at the AgriHit Website about their Natural Bio Cleaner I have been remembered to the Quacks traveling from one to the other rural town in my childhood and selling one medication good for all. For headaches after hefty drinking session it worked as well as against menstrual complaints of the ladies and also against hemorrhoids, basically it covered the health market in the towns far from the next regular pharmacy. These medications were harmless and did no damage and sometimes they even helped. We know this all as the placebo effect.

This Bio Cleaner of AgriHit looked at a first glance similar to me. It fights it all from veterinarian use in horses, chicken and cow and calf operations from cleaning up oil spills as well as a cleaning agent in such distant industries like mining and metals as well as in the food industries.

I am a chemist by profession and working all my business life in the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical business I was always convinced that every malady needs a special medication or cure to treat it.

And every special contamination in a factory must be treated with an aggressive chemical may it be Hydrogen Peroxide, highly concentrated acids or leaches or an highly explosive solvents. Nobody wanted to know what was happening after it went down the drain afterwards.

Is this Bio Cleaner the same quack only in a more modern form of communication?

Or did I miss something? I surely did
And I should have known much better. Working with Molecular Filtration all my business life in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and food Industries to separate Molecules of different sizes from Molecular weights of some hundred thousand to a few hundred or separating bacteria in the sub micrometer area from Viruses of a size of a few hundred nanometers.

But our approach came from a different direction. While we were looking to produce very specific reaction partners like to configure a new antibody for an existing antigen or getting the lower molecular alcohol out of beer to make it consumable also to the vehicle driver.

So we should have known better. We were in the middle of the colloidal chemistry already but we never looked at it from the electrical charge point of view.

Basically, colloidal chemistry is the science which converts elements into particles so minute that living plant cells can utilize them as an energy source, thereby stimulating the whole plant’s electro-magnetic system. All living cells emit electro-magnetic waves and the more waves the healthier the cell. These waves, the result of the phenomenon of electro-magnetic emission, are referred to as bio photons. An increase in the production of bio photons helps in what is termed Systemic Acquired Resistance [SAR] as the plant grows healthier and stronger and now has the ability to fight off pests and disease.

The heart of this new chemistry is the technology used to create a "colloidal micelle." This micelle is about the size of 10 hydrogen atoms, or one nanometer. Sub-microscopic particles are created in a microscopic field similar to a magnetic field.
In the area below 50 nanometers, the normal laws of chemistry and physics no longer apply and we enter the world of quantum physics, where materials take on surprising new properties. Colors and physical appearance may change and some solid objects can even become invisible.

In the case of AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner, micelles are created as a result of a process in which natural ingredients, including corn & palm oil, fatty acids, organic alcohol and amino acids, all extracts of natural plants which qualify as FDA approved food stocks and food additives are forming in a patented process  new particles, which are described as "colloidal micelles."

I do not want to go deeper into the technology of micelles at this moment. But it is necessary to make the consumer aware that there it is not something “magic” behind the all of a sudden harmless plant oils fatty or amino acids and organic alcohols have all of a sudden such powers.

Nothing else as that there  is a newly developed chemistry which has made it possible the development and emergence of a variety of organic products, and is one of the 21st Century’s most promising advances in environmental science.

We have to be aware that the AgriHit Natural Bio Cleaner is consumed by a very conservative clientele who will not buy and apply the product if they are not convinced that it really is based on solid research and proven application.

For the distributor knowing his market and knowing about the sensitivities of his customer group there is a tremendous chance in establishing long lasting relationships as long as the customer knows the Natural Bio Cleaner gives him an advantage over his competitor who is sticking with conventional procedures.

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