Style the Different Body Types with Korean Clothing

Whether your body type is referred to as strawberry, apple or pear shape, there are a variety of perfectly styled dresses that can easily match the specific shape. Looking stylish and smart is easily achievable if able to invest the time into finding the most appropriate dress type.

Dresses for this figure are usually more appropriate for women with a body that is fuller on the upper part. Anyone with a strawberry shaped body type should avoid the dresses that have a boxy silhouette or over-sized. A boxy shaped dress usually makes someone appear that much fuller. Also, for those that aren't confident about their legs, make sure to wear footwear in prints or flamboyant colors. This is certain to help take most of the interest from the area of the legs. Aim to accentuate the attractive parts of the body to help achieve the most flattering look. For instance, a dress with a cinched in waist line will give the illusion of being slimmer in this area.

A high percentage of Korean women have the pear shape. This gives a body type that is fuller at the bottom half compared to the top half. A build up of body fat in the region of the thighs or other bottom part can be difficult to reduce. A short term solution to give the appearance of slimming down is to wear a dress that helps to flatter the body. This can include the flair dresses at mid-length. The flare dress can provide a sophisticated touch that helps to complement the body and leave the women feeling more feminine. Also, a dress can be accessorized with a broach or headband to help keep the attention on the upper half of the body.

An apple shaped body comes with a rounded silhouette. A lot of the apple shaped dresses come with a boxy style or over-sized dress. The appearance of these dresses is usually improved when able to enhance the waist area using a stylish belt. A dark tone is the best option to give the slimmer look. A dress in a light material with a unique pattern is perfect option to help create the slim illusion.

Irrespective of the body imperfection or type, there is certain to be a perfect dress for the summer that can flatter the shape and size of the body.

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