PAX East Hosting Next GW2 World Tournament Series Event

The first Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series event has began in Beijing in December, 2014. Moreover, on March 7, 2015, there is the next Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series Championship, which will be hold at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. If people win, winner can get $50,000 USD in cash prizes! Buy cheap Guild wars 2 gold to get ready for the next Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series Championship.

What is the World Tournament Series?
The World Tournament Series is a global PvP event. The players and teams joining in the PvP event is from three different regions which are North America, Europe, and China. The World Tournament Series Championship is a LAN event hosted in one of the three participating regions. In order to gain the opportunity to play for cash prizes and glory at the World Tournament Series Championship, each team is ultimately competing. In the first championship event, the North American team wins. Moreover, the first championship event was held in Beijing, China, in December 2014. Thus, to win the next Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series Championship, you can buy cheap GW2 gold at to prepare for this event.

How do I get the team take part in this event?
The World Tournament Series has three main components, which are securing an invitation to the World Tournament Series Invitational Qualifier, the Invitational Qualifier itself, and the World Tournament Series Championships. Moreover, GW2 gold may help you in the event after you take part in the event.

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