Budget Travel Tips for Traveling Solo

It is often said that one must experience traveling solo for once in their life. Aside from gaining a new sense of independence and liberation, solo travel has numerous upsides – more spontaneous decision making, loose schedule, less advanced planning, and a heightened awareness of the self and of your surroundings. This continues to be one of the main reasons why people travel solo – getting a better sense of yourself and your capabilities. But one of the downsides of this is the cost. There’s no one to split the bill with be it for food or a hotel room. Don’t fret, there is a way to still stick to your budget despite going solo. Before booking a flight to your next destination, here are 5 useful tips to keep your solo trip on the budget friendly side through and through.
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The got-to choices for solo travelers are hostels with cheap rates, or living arrangements with one more person or more be it through homeshares, couch surfing and spending a few nights with friends and acquaintances living in the area. However, these are not always available and you may not be comfortable living in a communal set-up with strangers. You can try searching through major booking sites for the best priced single rooms in chain hotels, or go for independent hotels that offer smaller rooms specifically targeted for solo travelers.
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Public transportation is the best option especially if the place you’re visiting has a reliable one. Buses and trains will get you almost anywhere a car could take you, and they cost way less than a car rental – which usually entails paying the daily rate, tolls, parking fees and fuel. Also, there are destinations that are best explored through public transportation. Don’t forget to research about the train and bus systems beforehand so you can plan your routes properly.
Now if you want to be one with nature while exploring your destination, renting a bike can be your next best option. You may need to stretch your leg muscles for this and dig deep into your endurance; but you get to save money while having the freedom to take detours and stops or appreciate the view and mingle with locals.
Free Stuff
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The best things in life are free – so don’t pass up the chance to try and take all the free stuff that you can especially since you are traveling on your own and you have your own time on your own hands. Take advantage of free museum days and hours, free concerts, street festivals and more. There will most likely be a tourist department that has all the listings of free attractions and free passes for solo travelers, plus dozens of coupons, welcome cards and free items to boot!
Food and Drink
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Shopping for and eating your meals alone may be awkward and boring; but it has a lot of good sides. You can learn a lot about the local culture as you shop for your meal in local stores which offer the just-right serving size for you. Give local favorites and staples a try as these are usually the ones offered in smaller portions.There are also restaurants or food stalls that offer lunch specials. Take advantage of those and get free samples or snacks in the process. And instead of spending alone time in the restaurant, bring your meal to a park bench or an area near a fountain – eating with a view at less cost.
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Wi-Fi, specifically free Wi-Fi, will be your bestfriend when you travel solo. Check beforehand if your lodging has a free connection. Avoid using your mobile phone’s data plan as roaming charges cost a fortune. You can also opt to rest in coffee shops or dining areas that have free Wi-Fi connections.
To end, always keep in mind that traveling solo means that you are your own boss. No one is forcing you to spend money on an activity you uninteresting, food you don’t favor or a souvenir you find boring. There may be times that you tend to splurge a bit, you are your own master so you have the power to decide just how much you can spend. So even if you go a little over budget, the memories you make and keep will make it all worth it.


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