London VS New York - Which Should be Your Next Holiday

London and New York are both bustling cities that offer a rich and varied travel experience for you and your family. The number of flights to New York and London, and the sheer number of things you can do in both these cities is mind-boggling. Yet, if you have to pick one over the other - which one do you pick?

Let's begin by exploring what both these cities offer before deciding which is better for your next holiday.


London and New York are well-known for their high cost of living. However, The Daily Mail reported that London is the most expensive city in the world for tourists, while New York City came third. This means, if you're on a budget and want to have fun within your means, New York City is a better choice. But, if you're travelling from Asia, then flights to London may be cheaper.

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New York has the subway system while London has the tube. When you compare, New York's subway has a wider network and runs round the clock, whereas the tube stops a little after midnight. Also, the fares are cheaper on subway than the tube, so in this aspect too, New York City scores over London.
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Both London and New York have a vibrant nightlife. However, pubs and bars are open for a much longer time in New York than London, and this is probably why New York is known as the city that never sleeps. In terms of choices though, London scores over New York as the former has more than a thousand nightlife establishments when compared to 800 and odd in New York.

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The number of restaurants in New York far outnumber those in London. Also, nine NYC restaurants feature in the world's top 100 restaurants when compared to London's two. Further, the number of NYC restaurants that have been awarded Michelin star is twice more than that of London. So, in terms of choice and quality, New York wins hands down.

However, New York's tips are way more expensive than London. In fact, a tip of 20 percent is considered the norm in New York if you're satisfied with the service. That's ridiculous by London's standards.


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In short, New York is a better choice because of the variety it offers. However, if you plan to visit New York this time, make sure you plan for London the next time.


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