Your Travel Bucket List

Travelling provides varying cultural experiences that enrich you in more ways than you imagine.

Here are seven destinations that should be on your list because of the unique experience they offer.


Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, is a mix of charming architecture, warm hospitality and wild beauty. This stable Middle-eastern destination combines the best of European and Arab cultures that is evident in every sphere of living. Its archeological sites, beautiful beaches and trendy designer stores offer something for everyone. Availability of flights to Beirut from all major cities add to the charm of this city as a booming tourist destination.

 1 Mohamed Haykal


Minsk combines the best of old world charm and modern living to give you a glimpse into the Stalinist era and its transition to modern European life. This progressive capital of Belarus abounds with fashionable cafes, crowded nightclubs, historic buildings and interesting museums. Due to the explosive growth of this city, most major airlines operate flights to Minsk.

 2 Thomas Depenbusch


This sprawling Egyptian capital located near the River Nile is known for its royal mummies and pyramids that take you back in time to the Egyptian civilization. Its dusty and crowded streets can give you a peek into a world that's much different from yours. So, take the next flight to Cairo to experience a culture that's much different from yours.

 3 Daniel Cano Ott


Dubai has established itself as one of the top travel destinations in the world today. Its ultramodern architecture, thriving nightlife, luxury shopping malls and theme parks offer an experience like none other. The sheer opulence of this city and its surrounding man-made islands are a sight to behold. Its geographic location as well as its booming tourism ensure there are flights to Dubai from every part of the world.

 4 Marcus Lam

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Warsaw is the place to go if you want to learn about communist era, World War II and Soviet architecture. The turbulent past of this Polish city is reflected in its architecture, culture and living. This is one of the few cities in the world where you'll find Gothic churches, Soviet-era government buildings and modern skyscrapers standing side-by-side. No wonder there are so many flights to Warsaw from different parts of the world.

 5 Piero Damlani

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This Oman capital is surrounded by mountains, deserts and sea - a rare natural combination that's hard to find. Its high-rise shopping malls combined with the 16th century Portuguese forts and ancient Islamic structures offer a riveting experience. This growing popularity of Muscat as a tourist destination is further enhanced by the availability of abundant flights to Muscat.

 6 Gregor Samsa

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If you love sun, sand and surf, just pack your bags and head to Cyprus. This island state has everything you need to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. The best part is the easy access through plenty of flights to Cyprus.

 7 Nejdet duzen

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