Top 3 UAE Travel Delights

The UAE has become one of the top hotspots for travellers from all parts of the world due to the myriad of activities and sights it offers. In fact, this country would appeal to every traveller, regardless of your interests and preferences.

Endless sand dunes, pristine sea waters, manmade architectural wonders and the year-round sun make the UAE an absolute delight for travellers. Moreover, its strategic location between the East and the West, simple visa procedures, abundant availability of flights and its relative proximity to China has added to the UAE fast-becoming a favorite choice among travel enthusiasts.

Whether you are visiting the UAE for the first time or for the hundredth time, it is sure to bedazzle you with its delightful places and opulent environment. Here are some of the must-see tourist locations:

Burj Khalifa

No trip to the UAE is complete without a visit to Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world. Its outdoor observation deck, located at a whopping 555 meters above sea level, offers breathtaking views of Dubai and the surrounding areas. It gives you a whole new experience and leaves you with a sense of unbounded luxury and awe every time.

 1 Burj Khalifa

The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping mall and home of the popular Dubai Shopping Festival, gives you a shopping experience like no other in the world. With more than 1,200 shops offering an array of top-line products, and restaurants offering mouthwatering cuisines from all the world over, the Dubai Mall takes your vacationing memories to new levels.

 2 The Dubai Mall

Yas Island

Another manmade wonder that awaits you in the UAE is Yas Island. Located in the capital city of Abu Dhabi, this place is home to some of the most exciting events like the Etihad Formula 1Abu DHabi Grand Prix, breathtaking activities, luxury hotels and so much more. It is the perfect place to experience life at its richest, through a variety of adventures, activities and entertainment.

 3 Yas Island

Besides these three prominent places, there are tons of other things to do ranging from indoor skiing to outdoor water parks to national museums and so much more. Stop over today to get mesmerized in all the opulence that UAE offers for you.


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