4 Best International Shopping Destinations

With the wedding season around the corner, many Indian brides and bridegrooms want to add a "wow" factor to their big day by flying to foreign destinations to shop for themselves and their family members. If you are one such bride or bridegroom, then your shopping choices are:

Kuala Lumpur

One of the closest destinations from Mumbai or Delhi is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. This city is home to three of the world's 10 largest malls. Utama, the fourth largest mall in the world has more than 650 shops offering just about anything you want, not to mention the ample entertainment choices such as a rooftop garden with 500 exotic species of plants and koi ponds. The sheer variety and affordable prices make KL a popular choice for Indian brides and grooms.

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If you are looking for a chic lifestyle than just individual items, Paris is the place for you. Shops like Merci and Colette offer designer goods at competitive prices, and are known to sell a range of highly desirable products that you need not just for your wedding, but to your new home as well. For more exquisite choices, head to the world-famous Le Bon Marche, Printemps and Extravagant Galleries Lafayette where you can get anything from scented soaps to high-end Bakelite switches.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the top Asian cities for shopping, with more than 70 percent of shoppers expressing above-average satisfaction. While the malls and other chain stores have top brand names, it is the local boutiques that you should check out for a local flavor as they sell a range of clothing with Asian touches.

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Buenos Aires

If distance is not a concern, then the Argentinean capital of Buenos Aires is a great shopping destination. Known for its top-quality leather products, Mocasines Guido shop is a good place to shop leather shoes for bridegrooms. Murillo 666 is a popular shopping area that sells chic clothing and accessories for your big day.

 4 Argentina Travel Pcitures

Shopping for your wedding can be an experience by itself, so make the most of it by shopping in exotic locations that offer great variety at the best rates.


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