30 Places To See Before You are 30

There is a big beautiful world out there filled with exotic places that mesmerise and excite you.

Here are some of those places that are best visited before you are 30:

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the most hip and happening cities today with its architectural structures, gorgeous hotels, thrilling activities and insane shopping choices.

 1Piero Damiani
Source: Piero Damiani

Monteverde, Costa Rica

If you love nature and adventure, head to Costa Rica as it abounds with adrenaline-gushing activities.

 2Odile Carlier
Source: Odile Carlier

Cairns, Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is a must-see place for every adventure lover, and especially when you are young, owing to its popular snorkelling trips.

 3Robert Lang

Source: Robert Lang

Bali, Indonesia

The Balinese culture offers you much to explore while the many nightclubs gives ample opportunities to socialise. Take a flight to Bali, today.

 4Abdullah Alnassar

Chengdu, China

Chengdu in China is the place to be for exotic food lovers, as you get to try everything, from fried spiders to chicken dumplings.

 5Kenny Teo

Source: Kenny Teo

Auckland, New Zealand

Thousands of walking trails with varying levels of difficulty coupled with breathtaking scenery make Auckland in New Zealand a great choice for a holiday before your thirtieth birthday.

 6Ed Kruger

Source: Ed Kruger

Munich, Germany

Love beer? Take a flight to Munich, Germany to experience the traditional folk Oktoberfest.

 7Angelika Horschlager

Rome, Italy

In the mood for some history and ancient landmarks? Rome is the place for you.

 8Antonio Alfarroba

Mykonos Islands, Greece

Dreaming of an all-night beach party day after day? What better place than Mykonos Islands in Greece.

 9G Motorsport and Landscape

Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Northern lights are an interesting natural phenomenon, and a must-see sight for anyone. Sweden is a must on you travel list.


Source: Catarina_555

Springdale, Utah

When you want to walk through canyons, cross rivers and climb mountains, visit the Zion National Park in Utah.

 11Daryl Hunter

Source: Daryl Hunter

Dodoma, Tanzania

Get a feel of untouched beauty in Tanzania with its breathtaking scenery and simple people.

 12Maurizio Peddls

Prague, Czech Republic

Often known as an art-lover's paradise, Prague has a vibrant art scene along with its popular nightclubs.

 13Safeer Bandall

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Best known for its sand dunes, Namibia offers a surreal experience for everyone.

 14Safari Partners

Mumbai, India

The economic boom of is best witnessed in its financial capital, Mumbai.


Source: Rckr88

Half Dome, Yosemite

The Half Dome in Yosemite, California is best climbed while you are young.


Source: Jentwo

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Join the Thai people and splash wild water on each other during the Songkran Festival in the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand.

 17Monterey Indo-Pac

Mexico City, Mexico

Estadio Azteca in Mexico City is the place to be for die-hard football fans.


Source: Chelo

Cairo, Egypt

The Pyramids is the only remaining ancient seven wonders, making it a must-see place on any traveller's list. Head to Cairo in Egypt and take a taxi to see these magnificent structures.

 19Nick Brundle.jpg

Source: Nick Brundle

Madrid, Spain

This central area in Madrid, called Plaza Mayor, will redefine your idea of outdoors.


Source: Marc

Macau, China

The Macau Tower in Macau, China takes bungee jumping to a whole new level!

 21Rick Monk

Source: Rick Monk

Drake Passage, Antarctica

Want to catch a glimpse of penguins? Head to the earth's bottom now.

 22John Dalkin

Source: John Dalkin

Las Vegas, USA

Enjoy manmade luxuries at its best, including some of the hippest nightclubs. Las Vegas is must visit for everyone under thirty.

 23Mubarak Al-Thani

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Visit Rio de Janeiro's annual carnival to be a part of the biggest party on earth.

 24Emmanuel Aguirre

Bodo, Norway

Rejuvenate yourself inside snow caves in this quaint Norwegian town.

 25Matthijs Neven

Mount Fitz Roy, Argentina

Take a flight to Argentina to see some of the world's untouched glaciers, after an arduous climb up the Patagonia mountains.

 26David Min

Source: David Min

Ibiza, Spain

Beautiful beaches, extreme partying, fantastic music festival between June to October and enjoyable crowds beckon you to the city of Ibiza in Spain.

 27Clave Rodriguez

Western Cape, South Africa

A flight to South Africa will be a liberal dose of adventure ranging from a savannah safari to bungee jumping.

 28Joachin Huber

Source: Joachin Huber

Marrakech, Morocco

A bustling marketplace and a unique culture awaits you in the exotic Northern African city of Marrakech.

 29Danae Hudson

Source: Danae Hudson

Havana, Cuba

This city transports you to a different world filled with vintage cars, laid-back life and a rich culture.

 30Rory O'Bryen

Source: Rory O'Bryen

Life is too short to postpone a holiday. Take a trip to these perfect 30 places and you will have experiences that last a lifetime.


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