10 Trips to Take With Your Buddies

Travelling with your buddies is fun unlimited, as you get to drink, laze around, play and just do the things you want without any interruptions.
We have compiled a list of ten places that you can go with your buddies, just make sure to book the flights and hotels ahead of time for a comfortable trip.
Las Vegas, USA
This popular vacation spot has everything you need - food, parties, casinos, adult entertainment and an unparalleled nightlife for some adult fun with your buddies. Also, it’s well-connected as most airlines have flights to Las Vegas.
 1 Bas Vermolen
Source: Bas Vermolen
London, UK
Whether you want to enjoy a quiet drink with your friends or be a part of a large party, London has it all for you. Though it is expensive, the choices and things you have in this city more than make up for its cost, so it’s little wonder that flights to London are available from every major city.
 2 Christophe Brutel
Bangkok, Thailand
On the other hand, if you are on a budget, then Bangkok is the place to be. With plenty of adventure choices, ample flights to Bangkok and ample adult entertainment, this city is sure to make your vacation truly memorable.
 3 Gemma Bardsley
Amsterdam, Netherland
Visit this almost-care-free city, and bike your way around with rented cycles. Also, this is the best city to unwind and party it up with your buddies. Take a flight to Amsterdam, literally, the city that never sleeps.
 4 Moyan Brenn
Source: Moyan Brenn
Frankfurt, Germany
Take a flight to Frankfurt to catch a glimpse of German history, to shop and to be a part of festivals that take place almost every weekend though summer and fall.
 5 neulandherzer
Source: neulandherzer
Sydney, Australia
Catch a flight to Sydney with your buddies just to enjoy the diverse concerts that happen at the Sydney Opera House all through the year. Also, it's a good place to see some wildlife up close.
 6 Norbert Trewin
Dublin, Ireland
Did you know Dublin makes some of the best beer in the world? Famed for the Irish beer, this idyllic location is sure to appease your taste buds. Also, the brewing process is interesting, so make sure you plan a brewery tour here. Getting here is also easy as there are many flights to Dublin.
 7 purdygirlpeg
Source: purdygirlpeg
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Often called as the Paris of South America, great food and stunning views come at an unbelievably low price here. This is the place to visit if you want to live a high life without spending a fortune. Doesn’t it make you want to get on a flight to Buenos Aires right away?
 8 Sacred pain
Source: Sacred pain
Regardless of your interest, Paris is sure to offer an exciting getaway with your friends. Walk through its streets, climb the Eiffel Tower, explore The Louvre and just soak in the beauty of this city. Getting here is also easy as every airline offers flights to Paris.
 9 DinosaursAreNotDead
New York City
Besides all the sights, New York City has some of the best shopping choices for men. No wonder it is one of the most popular city in the world, and every major airline has flights to New York.
 10 Steven Kelley
Source: Steven Kelley
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