Top 5 Brain Teasers Puzzles for Kids


Toddlers are the best recitalists when it comes upon proactively learning something new or imaging something innovative. It is because; during early days a child’s mind functions like one delicate raw clay. The nourishment given by an adult shapes an everlasting character inside the kid’s mind. Therefore it is an adult’s responsibility to give their toddlers an optimum brain cultivating environment, which surround fascinating puzzles, mind dazzling riddles, pictorial crosswords and various creative brain teasing activities.

As a matter of fact, Bill Gates, the renowned and sensational co-founder of Microsoft Company was a big time puzzle and riddle lover during his childhood days. It is a proven verity that brain teasers for kids work like an enchantment on children. Different conundrums work on different skills like creativity, math skills, touch-feel-visual sensation,lingual’s, problem solving abilities, color and shape identification, hand and eye coordination and various others.

So to make my nation’s future more sharper, below are a few challenging but full-dose fun brain activities for our young toddlers.

1.      The poisonous wine puzzle
Once upon a time, there was a generous king. The king loved his people a lot. One fine day, king hosted a party and invited all his loving citizens to enjoy. Somehow, the neighboring king was way too jealous. So he poisoned one of 4 wine bottles that is to be served to the king. Now next day king has 4 prisoners to be hanged. But he wants to use minimum number of prisoners to identify the poisoned wine. Please tell us how many minimum prisoners does he need?

2.      So simple!
We all know what and how many days are there in a week. We face it numerous times in a day. Can you please name only four days of the week that starts with the letter ‘t’.

3.      Barber shop
You stay in a town that only habitats a single barber shop and within that barber shop there are only 2 barbers appointed. One has a super messy and ugly hairstyle and the other one has a quiet decent and civilized hairstyle. Now your mom is yelling and you have to get a haircut from either of the barber. Which one would you risk your hair upon?

4.      Who backstabbed whom?
‘I love you, but my father will never accept our love’, a common love story that ended up with a suicide plan. Both girl and boy went up at the terrace, both counted till 3. Boy jumped but girl stayed. The girl watched boy drop for about 8 seconds and was surprised to see a parachute open. Now can you tell, who backstabbed whom?

5.      Six glasses are in a row puzzle

All six glasses are in line. First 3 are filled, last three are empty. You can make an alternative arrangement of glasses by moving just 1 glass. Tell us how?

Note: These conundrums are not compulsorily for your young ones only. You can also try your hands upon a few.


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