7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Munich in December


December is here and Santa Claus is coming to Munich!A lot of things happen in this city, which is why thousands of visitors are seen to book flights to Munich to have a beautiful time during this season.
Things to See
Winter holidays in Munich are never dull moments.  There is so much to do and see like;
1.      The Munich Residenz- This is the largest palace in the country with 13 rooms and ten courtyards. It was once the home to the government and the Bavarian monarchs. You can enjoy the festive concert here.
2.      National Museum of Egyptian Art- This museum is designed for the Bavarian state's historic collections of Egyptian art.
3.      Schack Gallery- It is here that you are going to see the private collection of some ancient relics
4.      AltesRathaus- This is an important place in Munich and the Grand hall here was where Joseph Goebbels had his speech on November 9, 1938 known as prelude for the Kristallnacht.
5.      Maximilianeum- This palatial structure was built in 1874 and has been the home of  theBayrischerLandtag.
6.      SchlossNymphenburg- It was designed byAgostino Barell. It is a baroque palace where some of the Bavarian kings have lived during the summer.
7.      Residenz – it was once a moated castle before it was expanded as a seat and residence of government.
8.      Marienplatz Christmas Market- This has become legendary around the world, held from November 27th to December 24th, which is the St. Mary’s Square and this is in the centre of city.
During the Christmas break, cheap flights from Japan bring excited holiday-makers to explore the beauty that Munich has offer. Why not make the most of the festive season this year, with a magical trip to Munich?


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