5 Best Honeymoon Destinations


Honeymoon marks an important beginning for you and your partner as you begin a wonderful journey of happiness and togetherness. It is also a great time to know your partner better, and create memories that last for a lifetime.

Below are some destinations that can create those magical moments for the two of you:


If you love animals and wild adventure, then Kenya is the place for you. African safaris, hot air balloon rides and breathtaking scenery is sure to transport you to a different world. Also, the capital city of Nairobi teams with many hotels offering honeymoon suites for lovebirds.


Bay views on one side and mountain views on the other make Acapulco in Mexico the perfect destination for newly-weds. Also, enjoyable temperatures year round, high-energy nightlife, golf courses and excellent locations for swimming and snorkelling add to the fun here.

Ko Samui

The island of Ko Samui in Thailand is a good choice for those looking for a scenic honeymoon destination close to home. This island has stunning beaches while the Angthong Marine National Park offers fun activities like walking trails, kayaking, diving and more, to give you an overall relaxing and romantic experience.

Source: Justin Pool


For those who are looking to enjoy a unique cultural experience during their honeymoon, Bali is the place. Its volcanic mountains, lush rainforests, delectable cuisine and Balinese culture, which is a mix of Hinduism and Buddhism, offer much to explore. It is also well-connected by flights from all major cities.

Source:  Bunn


A discussion of honeymoon destinations is never complete without Hawaii. Known as one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Hawaiian islands have diverse environments for you to explore. Its many remote locations, beaches and volcanoes is sure to make your honeymoon most memorable. Also, its close proximity to Japan means you’re not too far from these paradise islands. 

With so many wonderful places to travel and explore, we’re certain you will have an enjoyable time on your honeymoon, no matter which destination you decide.


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