3 Things To Do During Your Stopover in Cairo


Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is an enchanting place that offers something for every traveller. From its world-famous pyramids to its bustling street markets, Cairo is the place to be when you want to get a glimpse into a new culture and way of life.

While here, you can either plan your own itinerary or book with any of the tour operators based on your preferences.


Make it a point to visit the world-famous Giza and Sphinx pyramids. It takes only 45 minutes to one hour one way from the airport, so it can be one of the first stops on your itinerary. There are many tours that come with well-informed guides, if you want to get a more in-depth feel of the place. If you come at night, then plan to visit the beautiful light show that takes place in the backdrop of these architectural monuments.

Source: Saira Bhatti

Explore through tours

Many private operators in Cairo offer tours to visitors from all over the world. You can choose the right tour based on your interest, time and personal preferences, with some of your choices being boat rides, walking tour, bus tour of the city, day trips, biking tours, cultural tours, local food and wine tours and so much more. Some tours are hugely popular among visitors, so it is a good idea to book it online even before you get here.


For shopaholics, a holiday in Cairo is never complete without a visit to Khan Al-Khalili. This open-air market bustles with a variety of shops selling everything from spices to souvenirs. If you love antiques or want to pick some keepsakes, this is the place to visit. Alongside a great shopping experience, you can also get a glimpse into the rich culture and the Islamic traditions of Egypt when you walk through the crowds at Khan Al-Khalili.

Cairo is a mesmerising place that offers plenty of attractions to visitors. So, if you have a want to have a unique holiday experience, just take the next flight to Cairo!


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