International Gaming Exchange to Add New Marketplace Additions for Online Gamers

August 14, 2015London, England - Good news for all “ArcheAge” Fans! The“ArcheAge” Gold Marketplace will have huge discounts on game currency on the Internet Gaming Exchange website (IGXE). Starting October 8, 2015, Role Playing Gamers (RPGs) should expect the following changes:

·         Shipping Component Regrade Scrolls will be removed.
·         The Superior Regrade Charms Rate will be lowered.
·         White Chimera Ceremonial Uniform will be available for purchase.

“ArcheAge” is a popularmassively multiplayer online role-playing games(MMORPG) that allows the player to enter a highly detailed virtual world that provides players with a never ending adventure”, said CEO (Name Insert Here).“We are here to improve the gaming experience for “ArcheAge” players and is one of the best “ArcheAge” gold and items provider in world”.“ArcheAge” is afree-to-play fantasy game that uses ArcheAge  Gold as its the main currency. “ArcheAge” gold is often used for numerous services within the game especially during travels and acquiring new skills. For more information about ArcheAge and its Gold Currency, log on to

The Internet Gaming Exchange (IGXE) is one of the most successful global internet game traders who supplies gold,power leveling,items, CD Keys and other online tools for gamers all over the world. IGXE works hard to ensure customers receive the best and the most efficient service. Delivering customer service since 2003, our company has over 100,000 members who enjoy IGXE’sproducts. For information about the IGXE, log on to

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