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ShipU USA takes pride on the tremendous number of customers it is servicing here and abroad. Are you wondering why they instead prefer to shop in the USA? If you never experience to shop here, then the following reason might encourage you to do so:

More Products.  Most of the time, buyers always tell that they are buying here because USA offers more products than their county have.  It is the best place rather if you are looking for the authentic jeans, shirts or customized polo shirts. 

Much Wider Selection.  It doesn’t just stop there. USA also provides wide variety of items you can choose from. Just take for instance; you want to buy a TV. Most probably, you will get confused on what you are going to choose since there are different kinds of models and makes lined up for everyone. Every product has its own unique benefit and feature. If you do want to buy a pair of blue jeans, then you have all the freedom picking the one that will best suit your taste and preference which merely includes loose fit, regular fit, boot cut, extra loose fit and so on.

Lower Prices.  With ShipU USA, you can shop in the US d even in abroad without getting worried of high-priced shipping fees but instead be happy because you are going to save more money. Oftentimes, US retailers would cost as much as half or even lesser than the other products sold on the other countries. Same thing even when you add the international charges and import fees, still the result is less expensive.

Stylish and Trending Fashion.  Most of the Americans are known to be more conscious when it comes into fashion. This is one of the reasons why retailers ensure stocks those trending and latest items. 

Convenience. As customer, you have the power to choose from the hottest to the latest products, bargain for a lower price and get the items as it is delivered in to your houses within two to four days. ShipU USA can give you the assistance you need and provide you later big discount rates at the international shipping transactions. That’s how convenient life is with ShipU USA.

Other services include:
·         Assistance in Payments
This shipping company will do everything for you just to make sure that your shopping experience is enjoyable enough. If you cannot buy in US, because your credit card is always being rejected, then why not call them? Their system will purchase you’d wish for as if you are an American.

·         Payments in Paypal
There are times that your account can still manage online transaction but you cannot verified, Logistics International Forwarding Inc. can handle it for you. They are going to deal everything associated with it.

·         Shipping agents within the US

They are working through the use a specific system which is consisting of shipping agents. Most of the time, they do act just like e-mail inbox which lets the customers stay tracked with their respective transactions. For more information, please visit


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