How to Train Your Staff on Your New POS Software

Nothing gets your staff more excited than saying, “Hey guys, are you ready to try something new?!?!” (Cue groans, whines, and gnashing of teeth here.)

Let’s face it: very few people like change. However, without it there would be no progress, no growth, no expansion. Life would stagnate with the normalcy of the status quo. That being said, one of technology’s most redeeming qualities is how it has enabled us to expand our options and be flexible with the annual newest or best devices and software. Thank God we’ve tossed out pagers and Atari for Android phones and iPads. The very limited devices of yesteryear have made way for high efficiency, extremely accessible tools to increase the productivity of life.

And speaking of productivity, how effectively are you managing your business? The right software doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to use to make a world of difference towards running your company more smoothly. However, it can track your inventory, create reports on employee performance, increase customer satisfaction, and produce real time snapshots of your financial records. So while training your staff may seem like a hurdle now, it will undoubtedly be worth the time and effort for you, your company, your customers, AND your staff in the long run. Here’s how Vend University makes it easy:

1.      Fun Videos – Pop some popcorn, pull up some chairs, and let your employees watch these entertaining videos that show simple step-by-step instructions on how to complete a sale and many other important functions using your new POS software system.

2.      Extended Content – Still have questions? Each video comes with a link to content that is more detailed and explains a variety of situations that may apply to your type of store or company.

3.      Hands On – The best learning happens when you can actually play with the software and see how it works. You can set up a separate account for your employees to test the point of sale software without it actually affecting your new system (that you undoubtedly spent valuable time to perfect). They can process sales, add customer information, track customer loyalty points, or complete a return so that when they do meet with customers, they will be confident in your new point of sale software system.

4.      Webinars – Vend offers several free webinars to keep you updated on the latest technology or to help you to unleash the potential of your new POS software tools. It’s easy to register and you can pick a time that’s best for you. In addition, these sessions are recorded so you can review the material even after the session is over.

5.      Support System – Vend has a 24/7 support staff to help you with any specific questions you may have. You can e-mail, message on social media, find additional information on the website, or get hooked up with other Vend users in your area to exchange tips or advice.

Getting your staff on board with a new system may seem daunting at first, but once you get started it’s really quite easy. They’ll see how simple it is and you’ll benefit from the results in no time. You can check out this groundbreaking POS software at Vend and see the potential that this new software holds for your business.

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