Finding The Right Business Coaching Professional Increases Your Chances of Success Dramatically


By: Dave Turkin Nationally Recognized Business Leader and Business Development Consultant

Business Coaching is a power-play most companies do not consider. The question is why? For some it challenges their ego, “This is my company and I know how to make all the right decisions”! They should end that statement with the words, “No matter what”. If their right decisions turn out to be not so right they can possible lose their company or experience huge financial losses. The sad part about that is they generally blame the failure on any or everyone else except where the buck stops here

There is the other business professional who hears the word business coaching professional and it lights up a little gleam in their eye. They just did not think about using that approach to help confirm their goals and success strategies. Mr. Business man, hiring a business consultant with excellent coaching skills and a respected strategist in your field of business WHO reviews your business plan and success strategies is a good idea. Let me rephrase that, “It is a very good idea”.

We all would like to be perfect but once we do a reality check we have to look at our strengths and our weaknesses. If our goal is to be successful in our business venture then as the old phrase goes, “Two eyes are always better than one”. With that phrase in mind, enter the coaching professional. His goal is to assist, review and together with you identify the holes and strengths in your business plan including short and long term goals. If you find the right Coach he will work with you to keep your company on track and on the dollar. 

The right coaching professionals will create a partnership between the two of you.  Business coaching is about preparing you for your business now and for the future.  It’s about helping you define or redefine your goals and most important creating the path to achieving them.  You know your business better than anyone else, but a professional business coach will help you focus and stay focused on growing your business and reaching your goals.

This is why my company Accessible Business  takes a goal-oriented approach to business coaching. It isn’t always about the larger picture but instead having a clear vision of what the big picture looks like will help you map out a plan of action. When we get into the day to day operations of your business small picture and big picture are both important. Most business coaches focus on the larger aspects and say, “We can assist you with your overall goals”. Great but passing on the daily footsteps of what makes a business grow leaves room for mistakes. Small mistakes become big problems in a short amount of time.

Accessible Business takes a sensible approach by helping our clients to create a clear daily path with a focus on the end result. There are two positive philosophies we most always consider when assisting our clients. Firstly, “Start with the end in mind”. Where you want to end up will define what you have to do to get there. The other is being realistic, thinking big is important but acting according to the needs of your end user and not to the needs of your ego will keep you grounded. “Think Global but Act Local”, by acting local we don’t forget the person with the wallet in their hands looking for our service or products no matter how large we grow.

We are a successful nationally based business management firm and strive to insure our clients realize the benefits of our knowledge and experience. Helping you by sharing constructive ideas, incorporating proven strategies and focusing on success driven goals is the bottom line of our business. Below are some of the ways Accessible can assist you.

·         Starting a new business
·         Designing a business plan that banks and private lenders will respect
·         Streamline business procedures and policies
·         Increase business growth
·         Help you execute Business Development Plans
·         Help you with Organizational skills
·         Develop marketing plans
·         Prioritize goals, strategies and achieve objectives
·         Create a budget
·         Manage employees
·         Start a Networking group
·         Improve results
·         Become an effective leader
·         Help you take your company to the next level
·         Help turn around your company increasing profitability

These are only a few of the services we can bring to the table to assist you and your business. Feel free to call me directly and we can discuss your business issues, goals or strategies. We want to be part of your success story and we prove that every day to all our clients. 800-409-8362. We are the leaders in Business Development designing Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Coaching Services and more. Please check out our website.

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