The musical awakening for children: discover just music!

Solfege Junior:

Small music theory book for parents and kindergarten teacher education support, basic music theory to explore. In fact, we all know that music theory is not easy for adults, let alone children.

That's why we designed this book could juvenile solfege music theory simply explain what the child; notes, the term given รง ...... revolves around a rich exercices, games, activities, quizzes and so on.

This booklet is available for download in PDF I know musical sites, so that everyone would want to print their own courses. This book allows children to understand basic music theory to understand today's music is created.

On the website, you can check out the complete collection of musical awakening all books:

Piano Junior:

This notebook is made n the children from an early age discovered what the king of this instrument piano. With the game in the form of exercise, kids can find notes, keyboard, and even play some famous pieces.

Junior Orchestra :

A very useful book or books to explore the world of tools. In fact, the school asked the media to discover the origin of the instrument, how to write them, to attract them, to know the minimum, but also know their history to listen ...

Sounds Junior:

In this document, or notebook computer, the child will learn to find their own sound environment, noise: from the sea through the forest on the train. To listen to the voice of the above, the child will have dozens of games in order to develop his sound knowledge of the culture and identification of sound.

Rhythms Junior:

Rhythm small laptop can make kindergarten teachers can be explained simply and conceptual activity rhythms. In fact, this practice is not easy to learn the concept does not have a minimum of knowledge and tools. Games, exercises to do at home or school.


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