Your Business Needs the Protection of a Business Continuity System


Many states have laws that require businesses to retain documents for a certain number of years. Because of this, businesses are turning to digital means to house large volumes of documents, instead of letting boxes upon boxes of files to take up precious office space. This is a smart and sometimes necessary solution, depending on the space, or lack thereof, for document storage.

Karsof Systems™ Business Continuity System Keeps Documents Secure

Karsof’s sophisticated application with advanced security protocols ensures that your most sensitive identification documents and information -- likesocial security numbers, passports, copies of drivers licenses -- stay completely secure and away from criminals looking to steal identities.

It has become very easy for data to be compromised because of our ability to access it from so many devices. Sharing information and sensitive documents between mobile devices has become more and more prevalent and these devices are easily compromised. Likewise, it's difficult to erase data from devices that have been lost or stolen.

Even if a business is able to erase sensitive data, there is a high likelihood that it's been seen already. This is why businesses should only send confidential documents through secure encrypted mobile platforms or Karsof Systems™ Business Continuity System, which enables documents to be viewed securely. If mobile devices are lost or stolen, the Karsof system also keeps sensitive documents securely encrypted and inaccessible.

Safe Mobile Devices = Safe Information

Businesses should pay special attention to the tablets and mobile phones that owners and associates regularly use for work and employ an appropriate method of data protection, such as the Karsof Systems™ Business Continuity System. Your employees and clients will actually see this as an advantage to working with you! Let them know that their information is protected and reassure them that their secure documents will remain secure.

Of course, there's always an adjustment period when implementing the Karsof Systems™ Business Continuity System, but the benefits are exponential. It’s far better to devote the time to learning a highly secure system before hand, than to deal with a breach of security, and all of the hassle and possible litigation that goes with it. Keep your sensitive information secure with the Karsof Systems™ Business Continuity System.

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