Prophecy of Year 2015-2022 Prophetic Messages for Individuals and Nations


Year 2000 to 2010 was a phase in God’s programme for nations and individuals. 2011 to  2015 and 2015 to 2022 is another phase in God’s prophetic calendar. So many people in the nations are ending a major phase of God’s programs in their lives.

Right now, people are transiting to the next level of God’s dealings or events in their lives. They will begin to break out from the circles of limitations. An aspect of your life is right now in a transitional period.The Lord always desires that His people should know what He intends to do in advance. He reveals future events concerning individuals, families, churches, cities and nations. Having the knowledge of the present happenings and of the future will save you from unnecessary lost; it could save you from death or bring you to the fullness of your blessings. You cannot accurately know the best thing you can do in this season until you know the mind of the Lord for the season.

In the years ahead, from 2015 to 2022;

• There will be great shakings in many part of the earth within the next 3 years. But the Lord will preserve the righteous.
• The knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the water covers the sea. Be prepared to walk with the Lord more than the way you did in your previous experience with Him.
• From this year, the Lord will keep connecting you to your destiny helpers. They might not be rich people. Learn to discern the kind of people He will send your way.
• Demonic activities will be on the increase. Satan will mobilize more demonic forces to try to hinder the works of God which you are doing. But they will fail. Their attacks will help to spread the Word of God.
• The world economy will continue to shake until another season of apex shaking of the world economy. The last global economic crunch was only a foretaste of the major one that will happen. Be prepared. Invest in eternal treasures. Learn from the Lord on where you should invest in this season.


• U.S.A;
A great shaking is coming to America within the period of the next three years from. Lord, raise more intercessors for America! The Lord said the hour of her judgment has come. The shaking will give birth to a great revival. The Lord has arisen to help that nation. If not for the sake of the remnant that nation would have already sank in total destruction.

• Middle-East;
The wall of Islam is fallen down. The Spirit of God is moving mightily in so many of their regions. There would be more divine visitation in the Middle- East; angels and even Jesus will keep appearing to them to convert them to Christ. So many Muslims will serve the Lord. The heart of God is crying for the salvation of Muslims. The lord has also open the door to reach to millions of them by the social networks like facebook, twitter, etc.

Who can fight God? The nation that tries to fight Israel or the people of God will fail. The Lord will preserve Israel. Yet, her weapon was allowed to be developed which will serve a purpose of the end time. In the season of the greatest shakings to come on the earth on which there would be the use of atomic weapons, I see that nation becoming an instrument in the hands of satan against God’s people. There will come a season when the atomic weapons will be used to attack great nations. Millions will perish in one hour. This is not a prophecy of doom. When you study the Book of Revelation, you will know that we are in the end time and it says that such event will take place. But the Lord will deliver the righteous, Daniel12:1.

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Daniel Affi


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