Boss Skills of FFXIV Leviathan

Leviathan is a simple voracious god in Final Fantasy XIV. Here are skills of the Boss in detail. After you learn it, you can play FFXIV better and may not spend your FFXIV gil to make yourself powerful.

Head: it can reflect all physical damage except for tank damage.
Dread Tide: it can cause about 3000 damage for the tanks, approximately used once every 3 times. When tanks stack two layers to reduce resistance DEBUFF, general attack combo apron may be appear.
Tidal Roar: it is Magic damage. Moderate damage can be done at first, and later it will be very high.
Water Spout: it harms two treatments by water magic and small AOE to make sure the two treatment screens.

Tail: it can reflect all magic damage
Scale Darts: it will cause approximately 1500 long-distance damage for the tanks. Sometimes the player will be hit in front of the tank.

Briny Mirror: it will appear in Leviathan tail. It will be thrown to current first hatred target serval seconds after appearing. This is a continued DEUFF (fighting in the rarely will broken). If you heal for players having the DEBUFF, you will received another DEBUFF that can reduced treatment skills distance. Generally, if layer is greater than 6, players cannot therapy two tanks at the same time. In the battle, keeping your DEBUFF at 2 floors or below is the course of treatment.

Hydrosphere: after BOSS entering water, Boss will summon 2 or 3 hydrospheres randomly to a random player. If the player is crushed by water, the player will be subject to moderate injuries and slow effects.

Tsunami: BOSS uses AOE of destroy mission-level. Open hull shield is needed to defend against, and the shield energy to prevent the killing missions is at least 27. Besides, 33 amount of blood can keep safe.

Energy: the body shields itself has 100 energy, and will continue to increase. But it cannot reach out 100. 4 small balls BOSS called will absorb shield energy. The more small balls there are, the faster they absorb shield energy. Moreover, struck balls will not return any energy.

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