New WOD role introductiuon Mage Khadgar

He is a very talented mage. In order to protect Azeroth against invasion of the ruthless army of Orcs, he is willing to give up everthing including his life.
Mage Khadgar ever was guardian Medivh's young apprentice, experienced two previous wars. When he discovered Medivh's plans, he understand that Medivh attempts to release Orcs army controlled by demo by opening the WOD transmitting door. After the army released into Azeroth, Khadgar, helped to defeat his mentor. During the battle, Khadgar was a terrible spell, and he was old dramatically. Although the body becomed old and fragile, but his mind remained clear. Later, orcs were back to the Dark Portal, he built Nethergarde, which is a specifically designed to monitor different broken between the entrance of the fortress.

Everything seemed to be so peaceful around the Dark Portal until the ORC jiaerlushi tried to travel to the past world. There, the legendary orc Luo Mashi · Hellscream created an army of Orcs to destroy: iron tribes. At the suggestion of jiaerlushi, they built a new iron tribal portal to the Azeroth. Iron tribe in almost no cases of resistance, are full flock to the Azeroth so Nethergarde became in ruins. Khadgar with abundaunt experience and wisdom, was in charge of repelling Orcish invasion. War once again happened in the Dark Portal. Although he was one of the most powerful mages of Azeroth, but if Horde and Alliance cannot be teamed up against the iron tribe, he was unable to prevent the destruction of both worlds.
Mage Khadgar, who has lots of fighting experience with the orcs and the Legion, together with the vanguard of the heroes of Azeroth will be entrenched in the Nethergarde to fight with iron tribal and make them come back the blasted lands.
Spoiler: he will lead the team through the Dark Portal to Warlords of Draenor, and legend will be given out to players in the expansion task, and eventually they will be gived an orange ring. By the way, if you want to level up yor mage's talent, you can get it by completing task or buying wow gold.

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