‘Artisara’ Brings Awesome Vegan and Fair-Trade Fashion Accessories. All Made in Europe.

Sep 13, 2014:  Artisara was pre-launched. The brand is operated by Leverage, LLC, a company co-founded and co-owned by Andrea Tali.  Artisara is a vegan fair-trade and fair-made fashion accessories brand.  They design and produce fresh and stylish scarves, bow ties and denim ties of high quality that make a statement. All accessories are designed and made in Europe.  Many of their designs will be available only as part of limited collections.

“Artisara is dedicated to compassionate clothing, to animal lovers, vegetarians, vegans and people who advocate for the ethical and fair treatment of workers, animals and eco-friendly products, to the thinkers, innovators and artists in each of us and to those who care, follow their passion and want to make a positive difference in this world” says Andrea Tali.

In an interview with Andrea Tali, the designer and founder of the brand, said “I believe looking great and feeling great go hand in hand and each aspect influences the other. That is why I decided to express my love for color and fashion by creating my own collection of fashion accessories to brighten your outfit, your mood and your day.”  She further added, “As a vegan and eco-oriented person I want to reflect these values in my fashion line so more people can happily and guiltlessly enjoy ‘fashion with compassion’.”

The company provides high quality fashion accessories made from fabrics selected from reliable  and high-quality suppliers.  The collection will be full of stylish, fresh, colorful and top quality scarves, bow ties and denim ties made of plant-based "happy vegan fabrics".

What makes them happy? They are fresh and colorful and no creature had to suffer to create them.

To manufacture these accessories the company uses only plant- based materials such as cotton, denim, canvas, bamboo, bio cotton, linen, viscose (rayon) and other animal friendly materials.   Artisara advocates the ethical treatment of animals and none of the products they offer will ever be made of animal products such as leather, silk, fur, suede, wool, pashmina and cashmere.

“I find it absurd that an animal has to die just so someone can wear a belt. Specially when nowadays there are so many great looking and fashionable products made of plant-based and man-made materials. You can barely tell the difference between faux leather and real leather shoes or vest so it is just absurd that  animals have to die to produce clothes or anything else" says Andrea Tali.

All the accessories are sewed in cooperation with two independent small professional local businesses in the heart of Europe - one in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia, where people work in safe, ethical and excellent working conditions and are paid fairly.

The founder Andrea Tali recently moved to Frankfurt, Germany, but she is of Slovak origin. When we asked Andrea why she decided to manufacture Artisara’s products in the former Czechoslovakia she said: “I was born in Czechoslovakia in the 80´s, I am Slovakian and in my heart will always be therefore it is natural for me to want to support my country and create work opportunities for the people there.  From what I have seen so far I am very satisfied with the results and that they do a great job."

Artisara values the principles of fairness in all aspects and so they purchase their fabrics for fair prices. They buy from socially responsible suppliers in Europe who deliver ethically and ecologically produced organic and fair-trade textiles with the emphasis on their purity, localness and sustainable production.

All their accessories are going to be shipped in reusable packaging. The intention is to package all the products in reusable and attractive packaging, that people will like and want to keep. The goal is to create no waste after unwrapping the item.

The packaging  will be made solely from recycled eco-friendly materials or from materials that are meant to be kept. People can use it at home to store their fashion accessory when they are not wearing it, when they travel or reuse it for storing something else.

The company is supporting charity as well and will donate 10 percent of its net profit every year to a charity of their choice. Details related to supported charity will always be published on its website.

At this point the company is finalizing everything to launch their complete website with the first collection. In the meantime people can sign up for VIP access, a free gift, special perks and to invite their friends and family on the website http://www.artisara.com Besides getting great VIP perks they will be the first ones to know when Artisara officialy launches or releases new collections.

People can also start following Artisara on social media - Facebook, Pinterest and subscribe to their YouTube channel where first videos will be released soon.

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About Artisara
Artisara is owned and operated by Leverage, LLC, co-owned by Andrea Tali. Artisara is a vegan fair-trade and fair-made fashion accessories brand.  They design and produce fresh and stylish scarves, bow ties and denim ties of high quality that make a statement. All accessories are designed and made in Europe. 

New European brand ‘Artisara’ is about to launch an awesome collection of fashion accessories for men and women. The brand founded by Andrea Tali has just started with the new collection of scarves, bow ties and denim ties. Artisara is all about happy plant-based fabrics, colorful and fresh styles, quality materials and sewing, fair-labor and fair-trade, eco and reusable packaging. In addition 10% of Artisara’s yearly net profit will be donated to charities of their choice. 

Contact Information
Media Contact Person: Andrea Tali
Contact Mobile Number: +49 17656851304
Website: http://www.artisara.com/


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