Whether you have just moved house and are shopping for a new bed, or looking to replace a worn out bed (or mattress), it is important that you take the time to make the best choice in terms of both budget and comfort. An uncomfortable bed will disrupt your sleeping pattern which could compromise your health and wellbeing.

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How Much Should you Budget for a Bed?
Everybody has different circumstances, so there is no simple answer to this question, but there are some guidelines that apply across the board.

  1. Online bed retailers may be able to supply less expensive beds and mattresses without sacrificing quality. This is because there are less overheads than a brick and mortar store.
  2. Your mattress tends to have more of an effect on quality of sleep than your bed, so consider buying a cheaper bed and budget more for a high-end mattress.
  3. Think of a mattress as lasting 10 years. In that way, every £100 you spend equates to less than 3p a night.
  4. Research what you're buying. The product description should explain the features of each bed and mattress so you can decide whether the benefits of high-end products are worth the extra cost.
  5. Factor in delivery costs to your overall budget.

To Sleep or Store?
Are you short on bedroom storage? If you are then you would be wise to consider opting for a divan , storage or Ottoman bed instead of a typical bedstead. If you have regular guests staying the night in your home, a folding bed might be an ideal purchase. If storage is not an issue, then you might prefer to choose a stylish bedstead or headboard to complement the design of your room.

It's All in the Mattress
Buying a bed that is well-constructed and in keeping with your decor is very important, but it is the
mattress that will do the vital work of supporting your body night after night. First of all, you need to make sure you're buying the right-sized mattress. Standard UK sizes measure (approximately):

Single – 75 or 90cm x 190cm
Double – 120 or 130cm x 190cm
King – 150 x 198cm
Super King – 180 x 198cm

Next, you need to decide on what kind of mattress you want to invest in. Manufacturers often have their own custom mattresses, but standard options are:

  1. Coil Sprung (budget option)
  2. Pocket Sprung (individual pockets of springs are ideal if you share a bed with someone larger or smaller than you)
  3. Memory Foam/Visco-elastic (shapes itself in response to your body heat)

Other Considerations
Apart from the above, there are many other specifications that may be important to you. If you have back problems and need a firm support, there are orthopaedic mattresses available. Some people prefer to buy mattresses that are hand-stitched or filled with natural materials (e.g. feathers) rather than synthetic. Waterproof protectors (better than plastic sheets) and luxury mattress toppers can also be purchased if necessary.

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